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All those blocked shots finally taught Big Baby a lesson


Remember a year ago, when Glen Davis was still chomping the offensive glass like a monster… but pissing us all off by going right back up in the trees and getting his shot fed back to him?  Yeah, he probably does too… because last night he made THE key play of the game… and it was KICKING OUT AN OFFENSIVE BOARD.

"One of the thing that I love that we’re finally doing is, on offensive rebounds in traffic, we’re kicking it back out," said Rivers. "That’s something we talk about a lot. I think it was Baby who got an offensive rebound and, last year he would have tried to fight the trees and go into traffic. [This time] he kicked it out and 3-point shooters are always open on offensive rebounds. That was a big play."

Big play indeed.  

I realize I'm probably biased here… but someone please tell me who's been better off the bench this season?  Isn't Glen Davis making an exceptionally strong case for 6th Man of the Year already?  

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know it's only been a few games.  But when you set the bar this high, this soon, you start to force people to compare others to you.  Throwing yourself into the discussion early is never a bad thing… especially in a contract year.  

But more importantly, its another step in his progression as a player.  As of right now, his FG% at the rim in a whopping 72.7% (according to HoopData).  Last season, it was 51.8%.  Part of that is increased playing time with the starters… giving him easier looks.  Part of it is a much improved ability to get past his defender and finish.  And part of that is being smarter under the rim when he grabs the offensive rebound.  

Glen Davis is playing better… and he's playing smarter.  Last night, his smart play off a hustle play helped seal the deal for the C's.

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  • Terek Pierce

    Although I agree with you about baby, check out Wilson Chandler on the Knicks. He’s having one hell of a first few games.

  • They still have to beat out Jamal crawford

  • green8teen

    who is “they”?
    do you ever write anything worth reading?

  • green8teen

    he should be starting over gallinari.
    gallinari sucks, all he can do is shoot (and chandler has a higher FG%). he’s lucky he has d’antoni as a coach…

  • I banged kobes mom

    can anybody notify me with their new like secret handshake?
    wenever ray makes treys the bench flap their arms like wings
    what are they trying to symbolize?

  • watching the mav game… can we line up the refs and shoot them ? NO SINGLE FOUL ON THE MAVS IN THE QUARTER?!
    its a freaking free throw parade