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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo has plantar fasciitis

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“I can’t pronounce it, but that sounds like what it is,” Doc Rivers said of plantar fasciitis, the painful condition currently plaguing Rajon Rondo’s feet.

“I guess that’s what it is – that’s what everyone is saying,” Rondo said. “All I can do is get treatment and get rest. It’s no big deal. I’m not going to miss any time.”

“I walked over to him before the tap and told him, ‘Hey, listen, if I see anything, I’m taking you out,’ ” Rivers said. “But you could see he was good. The only thing we did that ended up helping was that we subbed him early. And then we did it again at the half. Overall that might have helped him with his wind.”

Herald – Rondo plays through pain

Having a lighting quick point guard battle plantar fasciitis so early in the seson is not a good sign.

As much as Rondo is downplaying this injury, it can be serious. Why else would trainer Ed Lacerte recommended Rondo sit out last night's game. 

Here's a quick medical lesson, courtesy Google Health:

Plantar fasciitis is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. The most common complaint is pain in the bottom of the heel. Initial treatment usually consists of anti-inflammatory medications, heel stretching exercises, night splints and shoe inserts.

If these fail, putting the affected foot in a short leg cast (a cast up to but not above the knee) for 3-6 weeks is very often successful in reducing pain and inflammation. Alternatively, a cast boot (which looks like a ski boot) may be used. It is still worn full time, but can be removed for bathing.

Kendrick Perkins missed 3 weeks with the injury back in 2006. That's clearly the worst case scenario. Hopefully Doc can reduce Rondo's workload once Delonte West returns.

On Page 2, Kevin Garnett with the final word on Charlie Villanueva.

Case closed.

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  • I had this while I was in grad school…I was doing A LOT of walking up and down big hills to and from class, the library etc.,…It does hurt, but there were no splints, inserts, just ice, and advil…I can safely say that Rondo is in a lot better shape – and a lot lighter – than I was. Of course, his schedule for games and practice is a lot heavier than mine though…when mine went away, it was for good, and it hasn’t come back…

  • rcry

    Apparently, Rondo’s sore feet has been lingering for 2-3 years now. I remember when Billy Walker had to carry him off the court against the Bulls in the playoffs. I think this can be a serious problem if it’s not cared for properly. Rondo is such a tough kid and can play through anything, but you don’t want to see Rondo walking up the ball any more than he already does.

  • ShawnCVD

    Good for you KG… eff CV. Regardless of whats said on the court there is zero sense in it lingering. Far worse has been said and will be said on a basketball court.