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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce didn’t think he’d be here for this


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"It was an emotional moment for me," Pierce said afterwards. "Tough for me to swallow. I was just thinking about all the years I have been here and you don't see it too often where a player accomplishes that kind of feat playing with one team. It is a great accomplishment, you know, the fans seeing my ups and downs throughout the years and sticking with me, just to be able to accomplish this type of feat . . . It means a lot to me. I'm not going to downplay it."

[…] "Five years ago I wouldn't have dreamed I would be scoring 20,000 points in a Celtics uniform," Pierce said. "The team was going in a [bad] direction, I was a disgruntled player at the time. To be here and talking about this feat is an incredible moment for me."

CSNNE: Pierce makes history with his 20,000th point

I just want to point out to everyone that what we're seeing in Pierce is rare.  Ray brings it up in that link… it's hard to stay with one team for your whole career.  Either the player gets pissed and says "trade me" or the team says "we're moving in a different direction."  

I'm an unabashed Paul Pierce fan.  Tommy Heinsohn calls him the best pure offensive player the Celtics have ever had.  I know this will trigger the debate with Larry, but Pierce is the slasher that Larry never was… and that's Tommy's point.  Larry was the better shooter… but Pierce has more weapons at his disposal.

That aside, it's just great to see an athlete doing it all in one uniform.  Yes, even Kobe.  We all need villains… and I'm happy that Kobe has been a consistent villain for us. 

Thanks, Paul… and congrats.

On Page 2: KG can never win

To his supporters, Garnett gets himself into such a state that his mind leaves his body in such a way as to invite loud howls and an incomprehensible running soliloquy that is only understood by small woodland creatures, and apparently, Charlie Villanueva. It’s his fuel and also what makes him great.

“I’m a passionate player,” Garnett said. “With all these rules I’m trying my best to get out of situations. I’m definitely not trying to invite them. The game is passionate and I play with a lot of energy for the 15, going on 16 years I’ve played this way. If you like my style that’s what you’re going to love about me. I leave it out there 100 percent on the court.”

To his detractors, that’s nonsense. A convenient cover for a career filled with cheap theatrics in place of meaningful confrontations. 

Others defend Garnett on the grounds that Villanueva should have handled his business like a man, and kept it on the court.

“What I don’t like is the whole Tweeting thing,” Rivers said. “I’ll state that as well. Guys talk on the court. It doesn’t mean they should or shouldn’t. The fact that we’re talking about this is just silly. I used to play and I can’t imagine us running and talking about what was said.”  Then he joked, “Larry [Bird] has said some terrible things to me and I’m still hurt by them.”

WEEI/Flannery: The two sides of Kevin Garnett

Nicely laid out by Paul there.  People's opinions of KG are set in stone.  For the second time this week, I'll point to a Matt More tweet to help lay out my case:

Well, this was a good one, and then Rondo took over. And then some crazy stuff happened, and KG was a jerk and the Celtics won. Recap? Recap

Matt doesn't like KG's antics.  His call.  But all the C's fans I saw on Twitter had opposite reactions to last night's game.  And they won't change their minds.  KG is who he is.  You love him… or you don't.  

Of course, our curiosity is what it is.  So a lot of people want to know what KG really said.  I don't care anymore.  Now I want to know what Larry said to Doc. 

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  • thetitleisours

    Paul Pierce has a loyalty that is very rare in sports today. He will always be a true Celtic!

  • Nora

    Why does a whiny tattle tale have more clout then KG? I find that actually repeating this on twitter and demand to fight KG in the ring is worse. If Charlie V’s skin is that thin he better get out of the NBA because he won’t make it if is going to whine about trash talking. Twitter privileges needed to be taken away from players like this

  • daemian

    there is little chance that CV misheard KG. I believe completely that KG called him a cancer patient, because KG is frankly a dick. I love the Celtics and I have for a long time, and I love the skills that KG brings to the team, but I think he should either talk his trash to everyone or stop talking trash and just play. You’ll notice that he doesn’t talk trash with established tough guys with the same zeal he does with little guys and europeans. he’s kind of a bully. personally I don’t care what he called CV, and I do think CV should keep it to himself instead of tattling, but I would rather see KG just focus on his game.

  • daemian

    and I think that KG’s response to the media was absurd. there is no way in the heat of the moment that KG bothered to tell CV that he was a “cancer on the league” or whatever it was. CV doesn’t even have that kind of reputation. Corey Maggette maybe, not CV. The appropriate thing would have been to admit a mistake in the heat of competition and then let it go. his excuse was lame and transparent. but i do love KG.

  • Paul Pierce has been through A LOT as a member of the Celtics, and he has been a part of some epic moments. This moment was a huge personal achievement for him, and at the same time his clutch free throws put the game out of reach for Milwaukee. Pierce is a huge part of Celtics’ history, and with him and the rest of the Big Three playing great this year and Rondo breaking assists records each game, and the Heat having already lost to this team, I cannot WAIT until the playoffs.

  • Nora

    Doc stood up for KG and nobody is defending Charlie V. If he is in the right where is the outrage from his teammates and coaches? Charlie V is clearly heard it wrong. I am sure KG did not say exactly what was said in that statement but to say things as they are usually said in court would get KG and most players that trash talk into trouble. Trash talk is what it is. If you can’t handle it stop watching because most players do it and probably say alot worse

  • Nick

    greatest Celtic of all-time Paul Pierce. Laugh say I’m nuts I don’t care. Toughness, Defense, scoring ability and ability to play through injuries is second to none. G.O.A.T we’re blessed to have you Truth.

  • jared

    ok your nuts.
    I still love our man Paul though.
    Lets say G.O.H.G.–greatest of his generation.
    Also, im really ready to never hear another word about the KG thing.

  • CFH

    Agreed, Nora.
    The statement was a sanitized version of what he said, and it’s amazing how many people refuse to acknowledge that.
    Probably KG said “bleep your bleeping team bleeps, you’re a bleeping cancer.” And CV, who is hypersensitive after childhood bullying and wasn’t totally paying attention, heard “cancer” and concluded that KG has used the same taunts some kid did 20 years ago.
    CV’s refusal to ask his fellow player about it face to face; inability to do anything about it on the court; choice of Twitter as a medium; lame threat of physical violence; and tattletale nature paint a much worse picture than KG– gasp!– talking trash.
    But now every player knows how phenomenally think skinned CV is and that it’s easy to get in his head with a few words… if the trash talk was too much for him before, he’ll have to retire!

  • thetitleisours
  • Danno

    This is EXACTLY it.

  • daemian

    If I can’t handle it? Fuck you. Go watch your soaps. I said it wasn’t as important as playing the game. I didn’t say I couldn’t handle it and I think i’ll continue to watch, but thanks for the advice.

  • daemian

    Come on. Larry Bird? Bill Russell? Paul isn’t quite at that level. Love his huge contributions these past few years, but he’s never going to achieve that status.

  • Lee in Oregon

    daemian, stop acting like a dick just because someone doesn’t agree with you.
    And guys, get off Nick….the guy just turned 21….Russell was drafting Pervis Ellison before the kid was born. He didnt see Bird & McHale & that crew either. As far as he knows, Dave Cowens is a assistant coach in Milwaukee. Pierce is awesome, he’s in the conversation, and if you name a starting 5 of all-time great Celts, he’s starting at the 2 guard.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I love PP. I love his attitude on and off the court and I’m glad I’m witnessing with my eyes the strenght and the talent of one of the greatest Celtics player ever.
    Thank you, Captain.