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Danny joins Doc in defending KG in Villanueva flap


Danny Ainge joined the Big Show on WEEI this afternoon and set his feet firmly on Kevin Garnett's side in the whole cancer controversy. Although his opponent seems as much to be Twitter as it is Charlie Villanueva:

"Well, there's one thing I know for sure, and that's KG would not offend cancer patients," said Ainge. "That makes no sense, and it makes no sense on a lot of fronts. Not only is he experiencing it in his own family, but that's not something — in 30 years [in the NBA] — I've ever heard someone say, in trash talking … for a player to say to another player 'You have cancer' or 'You are cancer'?"

Fairly definitive. But you can tell this fires up Danny:

"And the other point I'd like to make, before we move on to real basketball, is tweeting is not about an opportunity, tweeting is about self-promotion in most cases. He's [Villanueva] not trying to be a public servant by telling people about it, as a matter of fact he's the one who brings light to this attention, and if anyone is offended it's Charlie Villanueva who has brought that to attention, not KG. Second of all, Charlie would never tweet 'KG said to me I am a cancer' because that's embarrassing to Charlie. So he's tries to discredit KG and tries to bring sympathy to himself. There's self-promotion in tweeting  – all the time. You are talking about a guy who tweets in the middle of a game. Talk about self-promotion. I just think this is just … we know who KG is. Talk about what you like or don't like about KG this is ludicrous."

Totally. Twitter is lame. (Immediately deletes 2,000+ tweets.)

The interesting part of this comment, though, is how Danny chooses to end it. "We know who KG is." Well, yes. We know him to be a nearly insane person on the court. We know that generally speaking the only words he uses on the court start with an M, F, or N, and usually in some combination. So I don't think the "We know who KG is" defense is particularly strong.

The rest of it, though, is plausible.

Doc was also interviewed today, and backed up the comments he made after it happened. He also, like Danny, deflected the criticism toward the communication of the incident, rather than the incident itself.

"After a game… I played the game. I couldn't imagine someone going to the press after the game because someone said something to you on the floor," Rivers said. "That's an unwritten rule that I thought that we didn't cross, and we did that the other night…"

"What he [Garnett] said on the other end and I can't vouch for but, yelling from our bench, anybody on our bench can hear him yell, 'You're a cancer, you're a cancer,' and you know trash talking happens so much in a game, and the way to handle it is you play them the next time and you try to beat them. That's the way we've always handled it."

Rivers was asked if he thought Garnett's "cancer" comments were inappropriate. "The only thing I thought, and I told Kevin this, is 'why are you talking to him?', Rivers said. "And you can actually see me yelling at Kevin because he got the double-tech…"

The trash talk must be unendingly annoying for a coach, especially knowing that the refs are quicker with the whistle now, and that double-techs are given out like 4 oz. cups of Gatorade.

Doc also illuminated what he said he heard Kevin say during the game.

"They had been talking all game, which is nothing unusual, but in front of the bench…when they got the tech, Kevin was out of the game and he looked over at the bench and you can hear Kevin yelling, " You're a cancer. You're a cancer. Everywhere you go, your team loses. You're a cancer'. And so, other than that, if he walked out, and if he had walked out on the floor and said 'You're a cancer patient' now, which I didn't hear that, or if he had said it earlier, I still would have thought he still meant the same thing. So that's the way I took it. That's the way our guys took it. I can hear them in the locker room talking about it."

I have to say, after this all happened, even as a big KG fan, I assumed Charlie was telling the truth. But the Doc and Danny defense is perfectly reasonable. I'm not saying that either side is definitely right…just that it's not open and shut.

The main takeaway from this? I love the "everywhere you go, your team loses" bomb. THAT'S trash talk. It's sensible, it's meaningful, and it's gotta sting more than your usual M-F talk (I would imagine that's easier to get past). Of course, it applies to most of the team we just played: Drew Gooden, Corey Maggette — career losers. 

Hopefully this is all behind us now. Although, based on last night's performance from KG, it clearly didn't hold him back much.

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  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    Go Bleacher Reports and people every where are freaking out about it. Kind of sad it this big of a deal. Hopefully it will be gone by next week.

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    Go Bleacher Reports and people every where are freaking out about it. Kind of sad it this big of a deal. Hopefully it will be gone by next week.

  • TJames

    I believe KG probably did say it. To be honest, who cares though? Its basketball, it’s trash talk… You aren’t out there to make friends. Villanueva is a panzy for going on Twitter and crying about it. What happens on the court stays on the court. Stop making an issue out of what isn’t a big deal and play some damn ball.

  • I think I basically agree with you. It’s up in the air as to whether it happened…but ultimately I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Would it have been an insensitive comment? Certainly. But it’s not the end of the world.

  • Viva

    Well I believe Doc, I’m not sure he lies at all. And really, how offending can be “You are a cancer patient”? Doesn’t make sense…

  • Viva

    And one more thing. Did any of CV team mates confirmed his story? No one is backing him up. Just doesn’t make sense…

  • KG

    Even Danny Granger commented about this on his twitter page. He agreed with Doc in Danny in that what is said on the court, stays on the court.

  • Golden

    Charlie V has a disease called alopecia that doesn’t allow him to grow hair… “cancer patients” usually lose their hair during chemotherapy… KG was making fun of his appearance and the disease….
    I do agree that Twitter is not the place to resolve it though. If CV was that offended then man up & take the T.

  • pars

    there’s 100% of no way kg didn’t call him a cancer patient, i mean come on, charlie looks like a cancer patient. nearly everyone has known someone with cancer or been affected by it–but that’s no reason to find the comment offensive. it’s just standard smack talk. kg says far worse things on a regular basis. the Cs just should have said what happens on the court stays on the court, and left it at that. these bullshit excuses don’t help anything.

  • Viva

    I know what he has, my work is actually in health (English is not my language, I hope you could forgive me for mistakes). I might even know more then you think. Still it doesn’t make sense.

  • Nora

    What annoys me is that Doc and Danny both said he said along the lines of ‘you’re a cancer to your team’ HE WAS NOT MAKING FUN OF HIM BECAUSE OF ANY DISEASE! Not only that but Charlie V just said it on twitter to be fake tough because he then said he wanted to get KG in the ring. LOL

  • Lee in Oregon

    The story that wont die (at least on this site) and has garnered more comments than any I can remember.

  • Larry Bird

    Charlie V and KG probably don’t really like each other very much (especially after that game). WHY does Charlie V have to protect someone he doesn’t like when that person says something utterly despicable (in charlie’s eyes)? There is NO REASON for Charlie V to keep what he heard to himself, especially if the person that said it is someone he doesn’t like.
    To everyone saying Charlie should have manned up and got in KG’s face… who’s to say he didn’t? Maybe he did, then restrained himself because he couldn’t afford a suspension, and then went ahead and tweeted the damn thing anyway. If i were that pissed at someone, I’d do something that would get people on my side and get people to hate that person too. (You guys would too… bullsh if you don’t agree).
    As for KG, he could have vehemently denied what Charlie tweeted by coming out and saying something in his own words. But he hid behind a prepared statement, using the word ‘cancer’/’cancerous’ in a different way. Just apologize man, and then shut down Charlie V next time you play him.

  • jared

    Im with Danny on this one. Why go on twatter with crap like that, shit said heat of the moment, other than to try and draw sympathy and attention.
    Well done Charlie, it worked. Now prepare to get owned by KG every time you play him until he retires.
    Because IT WILL HAPPEN!

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Yea! Just the way Gasol owns KG. IT WILL HAPPEN

  • GreenBlood

    Seriously, unless you can contribute to the discussion, stay under your bridge troll.

  • GreenBlood

    saying that to Joseph 18-16

  • Nora

    All athletes release statement otherwise they would look like Charlie V does. Charlie V probably isn’t good enough player to have one I guess. What he did is tattle and then he proceeded to say he wanted to get in a fight in a ring with KG. This is what crybabies do not adults. Adults settle it on the court like men. Charlie V is acting like pouting baby.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    First of all, get the names right
    Suckdics, your guys’ name is the Suckdics.
    Secondly, the Lakers have 16 championships. Accept it. Now I know you’re going to be sad and living in denial when the Lakers eventually have the most NBA championships, but accept it. It’s soon to be fact. Accept It, Live With It, and Love it!
    BTW: Fuck KG. Didn’t you love it when Bynum dunked over his old ass, TWICE, in that sh*tty gym you called the Garden, or the TD …whatever the f*ck it is.

  • backer

    when did gasol own kg? i remembered kg owning gasol, what basketball are you watching anyway,

  • ShawnCVD

    To clarify KG admitted to saying far worse things than calling CV a cancer patient (while insensitive it’s more childish than anything else). Categorically, Positively, Unequivocally, Undeniably KG called CV a career jobber. If that is true CV should have quit while he was behind.
    What a non story this is…It’s more a study of how information should be weighed and treated in this digital age…