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Recap: Pierce his 20k, C’s win in OT

Glen davis vs bogut
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The C's were back to their old tricks tonight… they didn't take care of the ball (16 turnovers), they were out-rebounded (giving up 13 offensive rebounds) and they looked disinterested in stretches.

But they managed to do enough to get to OT… which is where Paul Pierce took over and scored 12 of the C's 14 points (he had 28 overall)… leading the C's to a 105-102 win.  After the game, Pierce was choked up talking about reaching the 20,000 point milestone… which he did at the free throw line in the last minute of the game.  He joins John Havlicek (26,395) and Larry Bird (21,791) as the only players to score 20K in a C's uniform.

Rajon Rondo had 17 points, 15 assists and 8 rebounds and 3 steals…. along with 6 turnovers.  Ray Allen carried the load early and finished with 23 points.  KG whipped off 2 vintage moves in a huge 4th quarter run where the C's charged back to take a late lead.  One was a dunk in traffic that led to this:


The other was a spin move for another and-1.  He finished with 13 and 8.

Glen Davis had 14 before fouling out.  Which leads to the discussion of some absolutely putrid officiating in the second half.  Just horrible… horrible stuff.  It's the stuff that brings conspiracy theorists out of the woodworks.

But the C's win.  That's all that matters.

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  • jared

    There is only one Paul Pierce.

  • BRADinLA

    Only one.

  • Congrats P. He deserves all the credit, but Ticket’s 2 huge plays in the last 2:30 of regulation got this team and the crowd over the hump. Great win. Last year’s squad may have packed it in midway through the fourth of this one.

  • greenbeand

    recap this as “same old bad habits continue to haunt c’s in 2nd half melt downs”, what a mess. big ups to PP

  • jj

    Can we say we have the 08 KG back? maybe in the playoffs?
    Grats PP!

  • mileke

    && Tears Rolled Down My Face As Pierce Held His Hands In The Air, For Like 2 minutes While The Crowed Roared In Cheers, For The Great Milestone He Accomplished Tonite, So Wonderful To Watch That Moment, And I Will Never Forget It, #34 Go Hard, And Garnett, Fore Him To Have That Horrble First Half, He’s The One That Kept Us In It In The 4th… I’m Lovin The New KG, Ray Shoulda Hit That Free Throw At The End Of Regulation, But We’ll Take That Win Anyday, Our Last Year Squad Woulda Took That Loss, With No Regrets, This Year We Got Conference To Defend, And We Wont Go Down Without A Fight, Chi Town!!!!! Ya’ll Next, Lehhgooo ! ”Its All About 18” !

  • JD

    Stop capitalizing every word.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Good win against a tough team. I loved the way the C’s fought back tonite. I thought KWAPT was right on, last year they blow this game. KG was tough at the end, and Pierce was nails ice at the line.
    They’re not rebounding well these last couple games, they gave the Bucks alot of 2nd chances. Doc needs to clean that up.

  • phenor

    LOL dirk got 20k before pierce. dirk > pierce

  • Alex

    Paul Pierce is more of a teammate than Dirk. Pierce has ditched his immense scoring ways and he’s sharing the ball a lot more.
    Oh by the way, dumbass, Pierce got a ring before… oh wait, Pierce got a ring and Dirk doesn’t.
    Pierce > Dirk

  • Nora

    Dirk=soft and ringless

  • lakeb

    kobe- 5 rings ….pierce- 1 ring
    gasol 2 rings…..garnett- 1 ring

  • ShawnCVD

    Also PP is the only superstar I know who regularly takes charges. He’s one tough SOB. Congrats TRUTH!

  • ShawnCVD

    Kobe – 1 girl raped…Pierce – it doesn’t matter Kobe is a Registered Sex Offender
    Gasol – 3 brains eaten, extra on Walking Dead…KG – 1 MVP, 1 Defensive POTY. -dozens of Trolls…Staples Center – half capacity for the opening and closing minutes of most games.

  • ShawnCVD

    KG saved that game. Jennings had just converted an easy lay up to put the Bucks up 5 with 2:30 to go. and the Boston crowd exhaled a sigh in unison. That dunk by KG was just incredible. After some shoving he converted the and 1. Then Rajon to PP for the second of three old school three point plays (last one by KG). Then a lay up drill by Truth and a mugging/no-call strip by Big Baby on Maggette which Davis goes on to convert the two freebies. 13 points in 70 seconds. This is why I watch sports that sequence (and the resulting over time) was just unreal.
    Loved the contributions by everyone tonight and congrats to Rondo for setting a new assist record through five games. Speaking of records congrats to Pierce for his 20,000 career point. He needed 5 more points at the charity stripe to ice the game.
    Though out the end of regulation and the extra frame we were reminded that the Lakers/Kings was under way on ESPN Classic. We all know which game should see heavy rotation on that channel for years to come.

  • Josh

    anyone else think the officiating was horrendous last night? numerous no foul calls against c’s. lots of no calls against bucks.
    rondo offensive foul on layup…
    baby’s 6th foul
    multiple Jermain fouls
    it got frustrating and led to needing an overtime win vs putting that one away in regulation. oh well, it happens, but damn it felt like it happened in buckets last night.

  • JD

    I saw it that way too. A horribly officiated game. You could have pulled 3 people off of the street and they would have done better.

  • Guy At Work

    Let’s not get too carried away on Kobe’s 5 rings.
    To be fair, Kobe rode Shaq’s coattails to get 3 of those 5 rings (Shaq has the 3 Finals MVPs to prove it). Shaq was The Man on those Lakers championship teams, and Kobe clearly played the role of sidekick.
    Kobe is undoubtedly a great player, a surefire Hall-of-Famer. He’s been selected to 12 All-NBA Teams, and on his own, he’s won 2 titles (with 2 Finals MVPs). However, he has only 1 league MVP.
    By comparison: Michael Jordan has 6 rings (6 Finals MVPs), 5 league MVP awards, and was named to 11 All-NBA Teams. Larry Bird has 3 rings (2 Finals MVPs), 3 league MVPs, and was named to 10 All-NBA teams. Magic Johnson has 5 rings (3 Finals MVPs), 3 league MVPs, and was named to 10 All-NBA Teams.
    In a more recent era, Tim Duncan has been The Man on 4 NBA championship teams (3 Finals MVPs), he’s won 2 league MVP awards, and he’s been selected to 13 All-NBA teams. Shaq has 4 rings (3 Finals MVPs), 1 league MVP, and 14 All-NBA Teams.
    Kobe is a great player, but let’s not elevate him (as many today are wont to do)to a pantheon to which he is undeserving.

  • phenor

    only reason pierce has a ring is becuase garnett, allen, and rondo landed on his lap.

  • phenor

    kobe helped as much if not more then shaq to earn does rings. and why are you bringing up MJ to what lakeb said? lakeb is basicly saying kobe shits on pierce any day of the week.

  • Guy at Work

    Kobe was an excellent Number 2 guy, but Shaq was The Man, and he’s got the hardware to prove it. That’s a fact.
    I bring up MJ, Bird, and Magic to show they were the undisputed Alpha Dogs for all of their championships. Kobe was not.
    A lot of Kobe fans portray him to be greater than he is. Kobe has only won 2 rings as the Alpha Dog. That’s only one more than Pierce.

  • mileke

    @phenor && the only reason kobe got his, is because of shaq, in his prime, and now he’s leaning on derek, gasol, and bynum, everybody need somebody to win… if it wasnt for pierce garnett, allen, or rondo wouldna had one neither, it takes a team… if it wasnt for pippen, michael wouldnt have his, if it wasnt for shaq, wade wouldnt have his, if it wasnt for kareem, magic wouldnt have his, if it wasnt for dennis, and mc hale, bird wouldnt have his, you name one player thats won a ring all alone with no help !

  • ShawnCVD

    Yeah your right…it has nothing to do with him accepting his new teammates, sacrificing his personal accolades to make the team work, committing to play the best defense of his life, and outplaying Kobe in 2008 to earn the Finals MVP.
    Oh yeah and EVERY superstar needs help in this league to win it all so STFU. How was Kobe doing post Shaq/pre Gasol?….


    nice one kg…slick elbow cheap shot! im not surprised if kg really said those things to Charlie V…. just go to youtube, how many videos of kg taunting and cheap shots