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KG says he didn’t call Charlie V. a cancer patient

Here's Garnett's comment (courtesy of Ken Berger):

“I am aware there was a major miscommunication regarding something I said on the court last night," Garnett said in a statement from his representatives released by the Celtics.

"My comment to Charlie Villanueva was in fact, ‘You are cancerous to your team and our league.’

I would never be insensitive to the brave struggle that cancer patients endure. I have lost loved ones to this deadly disease and have a family member currently undergoing treatment.

I would never say anything that distasteful. The game of life is far bigger than the game of basketball.”

There you have it. A flat out denial.

Guess I should apologize to KG for assuming that Charlie's claim was truthful (But I sure wasn't alone).

KG could have nipped this in the bud by issuing this statement 6 hours ago.

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  • Kevin Garnett

    Snitches get stitches, Charlie.

  • PPsucks

    Smells like Bullshiit

  • D

    Not sure why everyone jumped to conclusions thinking KG said it. We should have given him the benefit of the doubt until we heard otherwise. I am sure he didn’t know anything about this until later, it’s not like he sits on blogs all day like we do. He probabaly heard about it from his agent when he was going to the garden.

  • D

    No PP, that would be you that smells that way..take a shower or something

  • Nora

    The only thing that smells here is pathetic trolls

  • Nora

    Exactlt it is not KG’s fault for people finding him guilty after only hearing one side of a story. Pretty sad he even had to issue the statement in the first place. See what happens when we all jump to conclusions?

  • NineSevenEight

    Obviously, we’ll never know the REAL truth to what was said but, truth or not, Charlie got exactly what he wanted out of it: to paint KG as the bad guy. Maybe it was because what he said was true, or maybe it was because he got his ass waxed on the court.
    Congrats, Charlie. You’re still coming off the bench for the Detroit Pistons.
    I’m glad KG addressed it.

  • sam jackson jr

    yes, it isnt KG’s normal self to make fun of someone’s appearance as a form of trash talk, but rather, he calls him a cancer to his team….because?
    yea, he’s full of shit. this is straight cover your ass, and written by an agent

  • BRADinLA

    Before Twitter this would never have even gotten out and we never would have jumped to conclusions. Whatever was said was on the court and that’s where it should have stayed. This is truly ridiculous.

  • sam jackson jr

    “Not sure why everyone jumped to conclusions thinking KG said it.”
    youre kidding, right? he has a vast history of this kind of thing

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    No, I overheard what Kevin said. What he REALLY said was, “You can sure be an impatient bitchass mothaf@ckin’ ni$$a.” Which is obviously referring to Charlies non-stop pussy complaining.
    The last three swear words were not present in any of the recent articles…but come on, right? Ha, I mean, come on!
    p.s. Charlie most likely doesn’t have any hair in his ears, but he must have some wax build up.

  • kg_fan

    I just can’t picture KG saying that… “Yeah m-fer, you are cancerous to your team and to our league.” or “Yeah m-fer, looking like a cancer patient and sh*t.” I’m a big fan of his and I understand how trash talk goes down, but this cover-up statement almost makes him look like a bigger twit than the original.

  • Nora

    When have you ever heard KG calling someone a cancer patient? He does trash talk but wow you never heard of others twisting words around to make them sound as bad as they could? Give me a break!!!

  • Nora

    If KG started swearing like he usually does then people would be offended about that. He can’t win in this situation. Love how everyone is quick to agree with everything Charlie V. says but if KG says he didn’t say it well he is just lying? Nice. Guilty no matter what I guess

  • Doc Rivers

    I wish he’d backpedal that fast when getting back on D

  • sam jackson jr

    youre right. hever never talks about someone else’s physical appearance as a form of trash talk, but rather, he calls him cancerous because…..
    yea, im still saying this is crap. occam’s razor and such. KG has a history of picking on small guys, backups and people he thinks he can make his bitch (not big players, mind you. guys like calderon)

  • jared

    Case Closed. Lets Roll.

  • Nora

    Then you have not watched much because he has picked on Duncan, Stoudamire in the past just because you decided to not notice does not mean it didn’t happen. He even got into it with Perk when he was with the Wolves. He does not pick on just smaller players. People have short memories

  • ShawnCVD

    My first and only comment on this story…Not sure if it’s true but love KG’s rebuttal. If true it’s more appropriate due to being in the realm of basketball and more hurtful because it’s belittling Villeneauva’s performance. Oh yeah and about your career ? Cancerous to your team AND the league! LOL.

  • lakeb


  • Nora

    Gasol only has 2 because of alot of help from the refs

  • Nora

    Better then having classless Kobe on your team

  • Nora

    KG has never been accuse of being a rapists. Lakers fans need to zip it and worry about their own players

  • BRADinLA

    LOL, get in your place?! KG in his prime would have Gasol for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night snack. Gasol couldn’t even dominate old age, coming off a season ending knee injury KG for an entire series. Gasol better know his place because one ring or two KG is a legend and Gasol, as good as he is, will never be a legend.

  • mileke

    Not Sayin KG Is Rite, But He Didnt Offend Nobody But Charlie With Whatever Comment He Made, The Reason This Story Was Publisized Idk, But Its Truly Noones Concern.. Since Charlie Wanna Get In A Ring, Well Why He Didnt Fight KG Last Nite, But He Saw Fit To Update A False Status on Fuckin Twitter ! Truly This Was Blown Waaayyy Outta Proportion !

  • TheRealMonk

    I love KG, my favorite player ever, but this statement is pure BS, straight cover up by his PR people. Who even talks like that?
    “you are cancerous to your team and to our league”??? Really? C’mon son. CV is a punk ass bitch for snitchin on twitter, but i’m sure KG did say that. This cover up statement is insulting everyone’s intelligence though.

  • larry

    why would kg even say what he said.? puzzling.!!

  • cez

    People need to stop being offended by every little thing. Get off your high horse and realize that KG is a grown man talking to another grown man. Unless YOU have cancer, demanding an apology is mind numbingly stupid. You wouldn’t have the balls or desire to ask for an apology if you heard this on the street but since he’s famous he now OWES you one? I doubt people with cancer want easily offended panty waists defending them. Or using them as an excuse to demand random empty apologies un their behalves.

  • larry

    c’mon nora, kome was never it never happened.!

  • Nora

    Everything CV said in his Twitter was BS. I don’t buy he was offended for cancer patients everywhere. Esp. after he tried to be tough by saying on Twitter he wanted to get KG in the ring. CV ego wounded and he lashed back

  • Joey

    I actually think that Kevin Garnett said what Villanueva said. I know that Garnett is a bully on the court, but I have an even harder time believing that he would say, “You are cancerous to your team and our league.”
    Garnett talks trash more than anyone else in the league, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’s good at it. Even people who suck at trash talking could come up with something less lame than saying he’s cancerous to the league and his team.
    In the heat of a game, I definitely think Garnett would’ve said something that bad, even though he probably (hopefully) wouldn’t say it outside of a game.

  • fick

    People are taking the statement too literally. Think about it. Which can you hear KG saying.. “You are cancerous to your team and our league” OR “You’re a f**king cancer.”
    So the release was written formally and in eloquent language. Is that what KG said on court? No. But did he call CV a cancer patient or the disease itself?
    I vote for the disease itself.

  • josh blue

    he slapped tim duncan from behind. sucker slaps dont count. he also ran away
    he would have never pulled this against the Bad Boys. Mahorn would have destroyed him

  • 9kpafun

    I was there. I saw it all.
    KG: ‘You are cancerous to your team and our league. And a b#&cha^s mofo. And I will eat your babies.’
    *Drops on all fours, pees on CV’s sneakers and howls*
    CV: *Sob, goes for blackberry.*
    Join us next week on KG Gone Wild.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Unbelievable. There werent this many comments when they won it all. Charlie V still hasnt gotten over the fact that he sucks and they booed him on draft night.
    Dre, Joey, and the rest of you haters, go back in the basement and dont come up till mommy calls u for dinner.

  • Jon with no H

    the same Gasol that posed for a picture with his Spanish team holding their eyes slanted to make fun of the Chinese
    you stay classy Pau

  • Lakerhater

    Now Lee, you’re being insensitive.

  • FEARLA2011

    What’s new? Garnett is just showing how much of a douche he is. Who the hell is he to disrespect the millions of innocent people who have been affect by this disease. Im taking villenuva’s side because this is EXACTLY something Garnett would say. LOL if you think he would saying “You’re cancerous to the league” You’re a MORON if you think someone like Garnett, who talks so much bullshit, would say something like that. I just lost the little respect I have for this guy…Cancer is something you should NEVER joke about. To think someone like KG who’s been in this league for 15 years would come to realize something like that.

  • FEARLA2011

    LOL typical Celtic fan…When someone on their team gets exposed for being a total @$$hole, they talk trash about Kobe.

  • Golden

    Oh, I see… Garnett made a trash statement about cancer to a guy with a disease that doesn’t allow him to grow hair & we’re supposed to believe he was being metaphorical… Whatever makes you feel better, I guess.

  • Nora

    The word cancer is saidf alot in sports why is it ok to use it one way and not another.

  • Nora

    The douche is Kobe. Nothing more needs to be said. KG never got accused of being a rapist

  • Nora

    The fact is most of what is said on the court we can’t hear but I can bet there is some just as bad or worse things said. Difference here we see CV can’t handle it and made himself look bad. Seriously, it is like saying ‘mommy he said a mean word to me’ What are we 5 now? Grow up Charlie V

  • GreenBlood

    CV, how does 0-5 taste? If you spend less time tweeting, and helping your team find a win, would probably have at least 1 win now. All this is showing, is that your team got trashed and you felt whining about it on twitter instead of actually having the balls to do it on court. That’s Charlie Villa-whine-va for you!

  • shut_it_up

    dead on.

  • shut_it_up

    and to rape victims everywhere?

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Face it, KG is an a**hole and this proves it. The only reason why you idiot Boston fans defend KG is because he’s your a**hole but no matter what he’s a d*ck!!!
    If you Boston idiots are going to continue to defend him, then I hope to God that KG tears his knee up this season and ends his career. That would be a fitting end for aa a**hole like KG.

  • There’s no way in heat of argument anyone let alone KG is saying that. It’s just too complicated to say when you are piss.
    It was obvious he was making fun of the way Charlie V looks which is classless.

  • Shawna

    This is EXACTLY what I thought. And further to the point, CV has a disease that has probably gotten him mistaken for someone struggling with cancer. Not in a hateful way, but just likely some assumptions from people who aren’t familiar with the disease he has. My thought is KG said something along the lines of “You’re a f**king cancer.” (since we all know he didn’t say what was in his statement verbatim) and CV took it how he took it. He just went there. We all know that the statement is way too formal for what KG would actually say, but that doesn’t mean that CV is being accurate either.

  • thetitleisours

    That is because you guys are hypocrites. You are concerned about KG “WORDS” but defend Kobe’s “ACTIONS”
    I am not surprised you guys cannot get that simple point

  • Charlie has a history of twitter problems…
    Best quote from the article, from former coach Scott Skiles:
    “My personal opinion is, it doesn’t have any place in the locker room,” Skiles said. “The locker room’s a private place for the players, a sanctuary for the players. But once you walk out of the locker room or whatever, I’m not into getting into guys’ personal lives.”

  • ShawnCVD

    You root for a rapist…nay not root but worship.

  • mileke

    By the way to all you none celtics fan, keep supportin our site with your negativity, we makin money off of it anyway, so keep right on commentin on every post on the site, we love it…. and just a word of encouragement, if you dont know half the shit you be talkin bout, please dismiss yourself, cause it makes you and your team look real stupid #JustSayin !

  • Golden

    Keep trying to convince yourself…
    I don’t condone CV’s actions either, but don’t try to defend KG.
    He’s a great basketball player, but, just because he’s a Celtic, you can’t simply dismiss his actions.

  • bigpartymaker

    This guy is a mildly educated athlete, not a politician. Why does anyone, fan or not, give a sh*t what he says?