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Is Steve Nash quitting?

RedsArmyAdmin November 3, 2010 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Is Steve Nash quitting?

This story is being passed around Twitter very quickly

A mere week into the 2010 NBA campaign and the Phoenix Suns' season hopes have been annihilated for this year and many years to come. Superstar point guard Steve Nash has informed Suns management he's leaving the team permanently November 15 to pursue a political career in his native Canada.

Nash's long-term goal is eventually to become prime minister of Canada, the country's highest position. To that end, he's entering the Victoria, British Columbia, mayor's race and must almost immediately establish residency to run for office.

The story doesn't seem to be one of those "Onion" type pieces of parody.  So either this reporter is completely wrong… or Nash is about to announce his retirement. 

So if Steve does quit… I wish him well.  He's one of the best PG's I've ever seen.  Also, may I suggest Steve's first campaign ad:


Yep.  That guy wants to be Prime Minister.  Good luck, Canada.


The Suns and Nash say it's a hoax.  The reporter, amazingly, is standing by his story. Although, this isn't the first time the Phoenix News Times has pulled this before. 

Oh well… any excuse to use that Nash vid is fine with me.

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  • jtshoopsblog

    I have heard absolutely nothing about Nash quitting the Suns for politics. It would have been on every Canadian media outlet. He does have quite the sense of humore though.

  • Frank

    Site your Sources!

  • Frank


  • This story might be fake. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

  • jared

    I have a hard time swallowing this one.

  • Bryant

    That’s a total parody. If nothing else, Shaq wouldn’t be the go-to guy for a nice quote — he’s hardly on good terms with Nash.

  • thebleeptruth

    LOL! I love steve nash!! That was hilarious. It’s just disappointing that he never really had a chance to play in the Finals. Anyway regarding the story, I’m doubting the authenticity of it too. It ain’t in any of the top sports sites, and personally I just don’t see why the hell Steve Nash would just quit like that. Let’s see if I’m wrong.

  • If the story is true, it would raise the “class” level for polititions…

  • mollysdaddy
    Looks like a hoax.
    Funny, though, Nash is one of those guys where whatever he decides, everyone would seemingly be behind him and support him.

  • Wayne B.

    Steve Nash is not retiring nor is he running for public office. He has too much to offer the NBA and fans of t.v. commercials. Have you seen some of his Vitamin Water ads. Straight up hilarious!!!

  • Tommy

    The Phoenix media started these same type rumors over the last few years reguarding Amare. Now he’s in New York. The media here in Phoenix run the sports teams. Now they are trying to get rid of Steve Nash.