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George Karl says KG crossed the line

Nuggets head coach George Karl spent the last year battling throat and neck cancer. So what was his reaction to KG's alleged "cancer patient" trash talk to Charlie Villanueva?

Asked about Garnett, Karl told me: “My initial response is – it’s disappointing and crossing the line. I don’t know if cancer is an epidemic in our country, but we accept it as a problem and it’s a very dangerous part of life for everybody. Making fun of it, that’s part of (some people’s) sarcastic side of trash talk. … Sometimes, responsibility comes from knowing when to argue when not to – when to cross the line and when not to cross the line. So philosophically, if Kevin and I were close friends, I’d probably call him up and say, ‘I don’t think that’s right (what you said).’ But I also believe that competition makes us do things when we don’t have our total mental morality in line. We act like children at times, even coaches.”

Denver Post

As I tweeted out earlier, I think KG needs to apologize to Charlie and anyone who has been affected by cancer. Own up to it and all will be forgotten and forgiven.

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski put KG in his crosshairs today:

This is about Garnett, as it should’ve been long ago with his bully act. Here’s the thing: There are few more complex characters in the NBA. K.G. is a fantastic teammate, a leader, the hardest-working man in the gymnasium. He cares about winning, cares deeply, and the success his time with the Celtics has brought him has become a precious part of his legacy. He’s so smart, so calculating, that it remains a conundrum why he has always gone to such lengths to be a needlessly vicious bully.

For years, he’s gone after smaller, younger players. He never goes after tough guys. Never. For some reason, he reveled in going out of his way to abuse European players. So many young Euros grew up idolizing him, loved the range of his versatility at 7 feet, only to have images of him shattered with cheap shots and trash talk on the floor. A few days ago, this happened to the Knicks’ Timofey Mozgov. It happens all the time. Pau Gasol. Jose Calderon. The list is long and the act is tired.

Tough to argue with Wojo.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    Apologize to Charlie and anyone affected by cancer?? Are you serious? Everyone in the world has been affected by cancer, my aunt just passed away 2 months ago to cancer, does that mean KG was referring to my aunt when trash talking? I cannot believe this is such an issue with people, should everyone publicly apologize to someone they have offended in their lives?
    This was said on the court during hard nosed competition. It is what it is, but frankly things like this go on every day and people need to get over it. What if he told charlie that his mom was fat, if charlie was offended would KG need to come out and say sorry? If your mother was overweight would you feel offended? Learn how to differentiate these things and internalize whatever problems you may have, he’s allowed to say what he wants.

  • You’re looking at this as if KG has been a saint up until this moment – he has a poor reputation around the league and has had one for some time. It’s catching up to him. Don’t shoot the messenger…

  • chris

    This just sucks. I was sick growing up and it feels like a personal/unnecessary low blow to a lot of celtics fans who have similar stories. He really needs to say something about it.

  • CFH

    Pau Gasol gets called an ostrich. He can’t change how he looks.
    Sam Cassell gets called an alien. He can’t change the way he looks.
    I don’t blame KG for realizing that CV was the one and only player whose appearance is not open for mocking.
    And I certainly don’t blame KG for not foreseeing that while 99.9999% of trashtalk remains on the floor, this comment would be repeated to thousands of people for whose ears it was never intended.
    If KG needs to apologize to cancer patients, so does CV, as he’s the one who made sure that they heard it and put a ludicrous anti-cancer-patient spin on it.
    Also, if KG needs to apologize for this EVERY pro athlete who ever used a variant of “female” or “homosexual” as an insult needs to apologize.
    CV’s team got beat, so he thought he change the rules on KG and go on a witchhunt. Not cool.

  • Nora

    He said cancer patient that is it. What does that even mean? He insulted CV not all cancer patients? He did not say I hate cancer patient or that cancer patients are pathetic or something. Everyone just has not had a good day until they misconstrue someone has insulted them and become upset about it I guess.

  • Nora

    Yeah like the whole Lakers team is saintly as well. These are athletes and anyone who thinks they are saints are naive in the first place

  • Nora

    Exactly I am a woman so should I demand every pro athete for calling their opponants ‘girls’

  • Nora

    to apologize?

  • Vin Baker

    This is all on Charlie the Tweetle Taler. Don’t you learn in 4th grade not to go run to the teacher to tattle on the mean bully for saying bad things at recess. Seriously, this is what the NBA has come to. KG crossed the line as Karl said, but Charlie should have never let this cross the lines of the court.

  • jared

    Has anyone heard any confirmation that KG did indeed say this? Did anyone backup CV’s account? Has KG admitted to saying this?
    Until one of those things happens, I refuse to care about this.
    My Dad-cancer, My Mom-cancer, my grandfather-cancer, friends- cancer
    But you, Charlie, are a shitty bastard. You really hate what he “said” that much? Confront him behind the scenes and punch him in the effin face, like any of us with a pair would in a similar circumstance.
    Wow, hold the presses!! KG goes overboard during NBA game!! Oh my god its a scandal!
    Somebody kill twitter for me please.

  • CelticinSF

    is pro KG/trash talk. Do NBA players now all have to apologize to homosexuals and fat mothers all over the globe? Heat of the moment. They must say some other things out there. Charlie needs to live up to that contract and play. Austin Daye starts over you.

  • The Truth is Here

    sure it was offensive. It definitely crossed a line. but I agree with all that has been said above. Who tweets trash-talk? seriously?

  • PPsucks

    what does this have to do with the Lakers? i wont wont insult you cause youre prolly a girl but thats retarded to bring up a team that has nothing to do with it

  • wr celts fan

    i just realized why KG called him a cancer patient. its because he was playing basketball last night like he was sick and dying. CV is underachieving player who got beasted by KG n the rest of the celtics all night. count ur blessings CV theres millions of people out there who were born ugly, not all of them have a medical excuse like you. if u had a rebound for every time u tweeted youd be dennis rodman

  • Nora

    Another thing everyone calls players who are disruptive in the locker room ‘cancers’ everyone seems to think that is ok but boy you are way out of line if you call someone a cancer patient? Just a thought.

  • the-facts

    KG is a punk and a bully. that’s who he is. he has no respect for anyone. the guy is simply a big a$$ jerk.