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Double Technical that Caused the Trash Talk?

With just under three minutes to play in the Celtics/Pistons game, Kevin Garnett and Charlie Villanueva get double-technicals.  This is the only time during the game when the talking between these two got a little spicy.  Was this the sequence that prompted CV to tell the world that KG called him a "cancer patient?"

It's difficult to tell what the two are saying to each other here for certain.  If KG did say that then it was going over the line but at the same time it's kind of surprising that CV would go to his Twitter account to let the world know.  It's a widely-know dirty little secret that NBA players say things that are just as bad, if not a LOT worse and more offensive on a nightly basis.  It doesn't make it right, but it would be madness if every player tweeted a play-by-play account of what was said to each other over a course of a game.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.  (Special thanks to ESPNBoston's Chris Forsberg for pointing out the double-techs):



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  • I rewound the game once Gorman pointed out that they got double techs and wish we could see something more – it seems like KG was in rare form though.

  • Larry Bird

    You cannot seriously be rationalizing KG’s despicable actions.

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m sure this isn’t the first instance where a player has taken trash talking to a new low. The only difference is we never hear about it. That doesn’t excuse the gravity of KG or anyone else’s comments, though. Address it, learn from it and move on.

  • Danno

    You can’t seriously be taking the word of a guy who just got owned on his home court crying on twitter as verified proof that it even really happened.

  • jtshoopsblog

    Trash talk happens all the time. Charlie V. should not have posted it. makes him look like a little b*tch.

  • Walk

    What’s really wrong with what KG said? Dude looks like a cancer patient. Plus, there is no way that is the worst thing KG said to him.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Twitter is gay.
    (No disrespect to gays or cancer patients)

  • haha

    KG is a pussy for saying something like that…the only reason why some of you guys arent offended by his comments are either because you guys are trying to defend him or never had cancer before.This is a new low for a player of his caliber.

  • thetitleisours

    Man Code?

  • thetitleisours

    If KG said that it is bad and insensitive, but we live in a strange world when we condemn words more than actions these days.
    Rape someone? It is the woman’s fault or I am a star. Say something stupid – suspend them for a year!!!!
    Out of whack…

  • PPsucks

    wow you guys are so stupid…. actually defending him for what he said…..look trash talking is fine but to bring up a life threatening disease is wrong and uncalled for you guys just defend him cause he plays for you piece of shiiit team……i bet if it was vice versa you jackasses would be crying

  • Lakerhater

    Oh Please. Who really gives a sh#t if he did say it. Its an athletic contest not a college debate. If your offended than don’t watch. If CV was that offended, he should have cold cocked KG. Get over it. If you never played ball then its a shock to you I guess. I heard alot worse than that in jr. high football.
    Besides as pointed out earlier its not like he raped a hotel maid…..just sayin

  • The NBA has been and always will be a league with trash talkers. Players do it to get into their opponent’s heads to gain an advantage. And when youve been in the league for as long as KG has you can become a pretty effective trash talker. He obviously got into Charlie V’s head last night. Did KG go too far? I think so. But Villanueva needs to realize players like KG, Bird, Jordan, Pierce and Bryant aren’t out there to make friends, they are out there to win. It would have been a completely different situation if KG had said that off the court.

  • Danno

    Shaq called Chris Bosh the “RuPaul of the NBA” and nobody said a goddamn thing.
    Is this really any worse?

  • thetitleisours

    “completely different situation if KG had said that off the court”
    Good Point
    But since it is out KG should apologize to the fans even though one wonders at CV’s motive here

  • jangles

    What the @$#* does Kevin @$&#^$* Garnett really think about YOU?!

  • haha

    You are a dumbass, please dont post here again you retard.
    Hypothetically, how would you like it if i said i hope your whole family has cancer?? Im pretty sure your dumbass is not dumb enough to let that slide.

  • Nora

    Please if Kobe said this you would be fine with it i bet

  • Kevin Garnett with a cheap shot? I can’t believe a man of his character would ever try anything this low. I mean, has he ever thrown elbows at someone in frustration, what about slapped them in the back of the head when they couldn’t defend themselves, or run away from a fight he started? Not KG. Never.
    “He’s [probably] never been in a fight. I would love to get in a ring with him. I will expose him.” – Agreed. Charlie V., agreed. KG won’t answer this call because bullies are the truest cowards.

  • Lee in Oregon

    KG , like most guys in the NBA, couldnt fucking care less what us fans think. Having said that, this has turned into a firestorm! KG needs to apologize to that pussy Charlie V, and all cancer patients….and go on with the business of kicking ass and being an arrogant SOB while doing it.

  • thetitleisours
  • Vin Baker

    I bet this is the first instance the word cancer, or AIDS or sickle cell, has ever been used as a shot on the court. Has anyone blowing this story up ever played a playground game or listened to rap?

  • Danno

    KG didn’t say CV had cancer. Nor did he wish him too.
    KG made fun of his appearance because he is a funny looking dude. He looks like an alien.
    I don’t understand how KG’s “insensitivity” here is any different than shaq’s “homophobia” from a month ago.

  • Danno

    what this is is the first time trash talk was used as a woobie blanket by a giant pussy who went crying home to tell his mommy.

  • thetitleisours

    KG cares I think. Check this out:
    “”My perception was very similar to that when I played in Minnesota,” Garnett said. “Coming here, it’s different. You see it from the outside, but once you’re on the inside, you belong. And you’re embraced from the minute you get here. And if you’re a student of the game and you understand the severity of the tradition here, all that comes into play with the responsibility of putting the green on, it’s not a white or black thing here.””

  • Wayne

    I had cancer before and not offended by that at all. That’s KG and people who are getting sensitive about it either don’t like the C’s or don’t like KG. Either way don’t EVER defend and say that it could be offensive when you didn’t have cancer. It’s like defending a retarded person when you have no clue how they would feel.
    Trash talking is a style of play on the court and should stay on there!!!!! CV seems to taken it to the heart and wants sympathy from fans which is very pathetic to me.

  • Wayne

    Go back to your hole where you came from you troll. Trying to start fights that’s what all you hating faker fans do.
    Why hate on a man who makes more money than you could ever dream about?

  • Wayne

    Maybe you should stop posting and what you said was very ignorant and I’m offended by that. I had cancer and I think admins on this site should do something about this idiot because this is immature and makes me angry.
    What you posted to reference to what KG said to CV has a BIG different. He said LOOKED not HOPE so you just made a total ass out of yourself.

  • Viva

    At the end of the clip it seems like KG is saying “I said nothing to him”

  • TheAuerbach

    His family member has cancer so nice try with the whole “we don’t know what it’s like”. Also, are you going to sit here and act like Charlie “The Freaky looking guy” V., doesn’t look funny?

  • Don’tRespondToThisCauseIDon’tCare

    calling someone a retard probably isn’t the best way to get your point across about being sensitive to other people’s disabilities…

  • Kobe “Not” Bryant

    Bird is right anybody who doesn’t know that KG is a dirty player is dumb as shit… im not gonna say my name but i am an NBA player and KG has said a lot of things like that to numerous players and even though it doesn’t always come out it is said by him and as far as CV goes he’s a guy wh ogives it to you straight forward as for DOC Rivers he was not there and did not hear what KG said he just went along to protect the dirtyness of his players like usual.other than Rondo and Allen the celtics are a bunch of bitches who go out every night not to play the game of basketball but to draw fouls by their poor acting.

  • Danno is a dumb piece of shit celtics fan

    yes you dumbshit

  • Vin baker is an evident dumbass… are you?

    Have you ever had somebody die from cancer? Are you a grownass man? cause if you are then you’d realize that if you can play ball you can talk shit but sayin shit like that is immature and insensitive and if youre as good as KG THINKS he is then why is that needed? and for all you dumbshits i was at the game and KG’s statment is so far from the truth it’s disgusting.

  • Wayne has got to be the dumbest celtic fan alive

    LMao that’s your response?????? CV said it himself you dumb twit and if your bitchass KG doesnt answer it then what kind of man is he… im sorry what kind of pussy is he lls you celtics fans are in for a rude awakening this year and youll see first hand how acting for fouls will get you no where PIERCE


    yup larry bird your right, not because everyone is doing it make it right, yeah you trash talk but bringing in suffering people like a joke, respect the game, it doesnt matter what was said, players need to respect each other and the game


    as for CV, good for him taking the heat for showing KG’s bad mouth, no one did it coz they get branded of snitch, but in the end, who’s right and wrong?