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Charlie Villanueva: “Get me in a ring with KG, I will expose him”

In the aftermath of the Celtics 109-86 win at Detroit, Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva had some pretty hardcore things to say about Kevin Garnett.  KG's status as trash talking, expletive spouting madman on the court is well documented but I don't think anyone has ever accused him of what Villanueva did last night on his Twitter page.

Here are the tweets:

"KG talks alot of crap, he's prob never been in a fight, I would love to get in a ring with him, I will expose him"

"KG called me a cancer patient, I'm pissed because, u know how many people died from cancer, and he's tossing it like it's a joke,"

"I wouldn't even trip about that, but a cancer patient, I know way 2 many people who passed away from it, and I have a special place 4 those"

That's some pretty serious stuff and if it's true, KG clearly has gone over the line here.  Now I'm all for some trash talking on the court, but calling him a cancer patient is going too far.  Villanueva suffers from a rare disease called alopecia, an autoimmune disease that results in hair loss and baldness.  Take it for what it's worth, but a screen shot of his tweets are posted below.


Special thanks to our boy @Andreas24x7 who also noticed the madness.


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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Wow, that’s tough stuff.
    If it’s true, this is one of the worst thing that can happen to a fan: you lose admiration and enthusiasm to support for your superstar. I feel very, very disappointed right now.

  • BRADinLA

    Whatever. In the old days none of fans would know about this crap because there was no Twitter/Facebook ish. I’m sure Magic Johnson and Larry Bird said worse stuff on the court in their lifetimes.

  • BRADinLA

    correction: “wouldn’t know”

  • GreenBlood

    CV should just stop crying on twitter. Act tough on twitter and be a pushover on court. Other trash talkers probably said much worst than that. It’s just that CV’s female hormones acted up and decided to cry on Twitter.

  • Not really worried about what KG
    said or might have said…is THIS REALLY the worst thing said on an NBA

  • Not really worried about what KG
    said or might have said…is THIS REALLY the worst thing said on an NBA court? Ooops…

  • CFH

    KG not getting in real fights? Good. Wouldn’t want him getting hurt or hurting someone else, and if we’re talking an on-court fight, wouldn’t want him suspended.
    Cancer patient trash talk is a bit much, especially to someone who does have a medical condition like CV does…
    But whining about trash talk on Twitter of all places is mind-boggling pathetic and suggests issues even worse than those KG might have.

  • ChemoBoy can take his overly-sensitive, politically correct, hemorrhoid laced rear end to nearest 12 step meeting he needs and leave playing pro basketball to those with enough stones to suck it up and respond with your play.

  • JoeRemembers

    Please, fellas… haven’t you learned by now? You CANNOT BELIEVE what you read on Twitter, Spitter, Schitter, or any other place. Believe it if you SEE it, as in a video… or if the subject admits it. Until then, it’s PURE BS, not worth the pixels it’s written with.

  • Bill Buckley

    I think you need an extra ‘o’ in to.


    im like 1000% sure KG did not tell that man this… if KG is talkin shit on the basketball court, we all know its gone be strictly basketball…. and if he really did say it, CV shoulda just said hey im tender to things like that to KG not post the shit on twitter, cause clearly REPORTERS are goin to take it and put their own words to it, and then the fans get involved, when this coulda simply been solved with him and KG !

  • cez

    Oh man, this is gold! How pathetic do you have to be to write about this on twatter when you couldn’t stand up for yourself on the court? hahaha.
    I mean, those are some pretty harsh words, but i bet it’s pretty mild by KGs standards.
    And it might be offensive if it wasn’t so glaringly true. He looks JUST like a cancer patient!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    “He looks JUST like a cancer patient!”
    This sucks, man, sucks so badly..

  • I’ve heard way worse by players both on TV and in person, Celtics and non Celtics alike. Pretty sure I heard one of the early 2000’s C’s tell Vladamir Radmanovic or some other Balkans player to get off the court and go back to digging mass graves. So yeah way worse stuff gets said, has been said, and will be said. Doesn’t make it right but holy crap, man up and be a man and don’t whine over the internet about it like some Laker’s fan posting on a Celtics blog.

  • CV+KAne= Hell. Haha! CV is truly like a cancern patient escaped from the hospital

  • Carlos Villanueva


  • Moose

    And by Carlos I mean’t Charlie. Completely screwed up my Dominican-American basketball players and my Chilean born soccer players. Damn it.

  • BigMck

    My family has had some tough bouts with cancer lately, so I am not taking KG’s comments lightly.
    I think he should issue a public apology.

  • Danno

    Thing is, he Does look like a cancer patient.
    And since Boston is a City who’s fans chant “wife beat-er” when Jason Kidd steps to the foul line, or “no means no” with Kobe, I’m going to just laugh at it, because its not nearly the worst thing we’ve heard.
    CV needs to grow a set and learn how to play with the big boys.

  • Robby C

    I hear ya, BigMcK. I’m pretty sure KG is being insensitive to cancer patients by equating them to a whiney douche live CV and he should issue an apology for that.

  • Danno

    Wouldn’t you at least want to verify that he actually said it first?

  • Danno

    LOL. That’s what I’m saying.
    Cancer Patients are tougher than Charlie “Hairless Cat” Villianueva.

  • CV is just trying to get people on his side…that’s like someone making stuff racial just so people will feel sorry for them/join their side of the argument. If he said negative stuff about cancer patients, why didn’t CV lead with that instead of saying he wanted to fight KG in the ring?
    On another note, did anyone notice KG telling Tyronn Lue to basically “shut the eff up” on the bench? LOL

  • Nickels

    What’s worst is that Ben Gordon and CV are attempting to redirect twitter followers to complain via’s contact us page…seems a little desperate.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    KG IS A F’N A**HOLE. This is why no one in the league likes him, but now, because he’s old, his bark is worse than his bite. However, all CV has to say to KG is this:
    “You f*cked up Game 7 last year and played like sh*t old man. You didn’t contribue sh*t against the Lakers and Gasol worked you. Good! I’m glad. You don’t deserve a ring. Hope that Game 7 loss still makes you teary eyed and keeps you up at night. Now f*ck off and die”
    That would’ve been perfect.

  • "KG called me a cancer patient, I'm pissed because, u know how many people died from cancer, and he's tossing it like it's a joke," Villanueva wrote on his Twitter page. "I wouldn't even trip about that, but a cancer patient, I know way (too) many people who passed away from it, and I have a special place (for) those."
    This reeks of Villanueva blowing something small out of proportion at this point because he is too caught up in a white lie.  I'm sure KG said something – especially since they got double techs at one point and because you could hear KG telling the entire Pistons team who was in the paint at one point to, "get that weak sh!+ outta here, n!77@" – but I don't agree with Villanueva bitching about it in this manner. 
    Circle December 29th on your calendar as Villanueva's chance to get KG in the ring and circle January 19th on your calendar as the day Garden fan's inappropriately cheer (which I'm sure they'll do).

  • And all KG has to say back is:
    “Dude, have you ever been in the playoffs?”

  • screwedupmaniac

    In the words of DWest to Von Wafer: “Do something about it.” Stop crying like a Sally about it on your twitter account and let your game do the talking.

  • cam

    Obviously some terrible comments from KG. Sounds kind of stupid on CV’s part. I think it’s ridiculously soft to complain and whine about trash talking to the media, to twitter, to whatever. He says he wouldn’t care but that cancer has affected people close to him. What does he want KG to do apologize? I don’t think so I think he just wants to ruin/derail RG’s reputation which I think is kinda petty

  • Agreed.

  • Dutchgreen

    I bet Gasol still has some wetted panties lying around from the ’08 Finals…

  • bigpartymaker

    I think it’s a joke that they’re talking about his tragic condition…..that results in hair loss. For f*cks sake, then I deserve some sympathy too.
    Ironic that the guy talks about fighting someone as he’s “tattling” on the internet.
    My godfather passed from pancreatic last month. That doesn’t mean I’m going to get offended by what a couple of bone headed athletes are yelling in the heat of competition. Please

  • Lee in Oregon

    well said!

  • PPsucks

    LOL you chowdheads are soo funny……FUCKING CHOKERS

  • PPsucks

    If it was vice versa and someone called that to someone on your piece of shiiit team you guys would be whining,pissin’, bitchin’ and moaning so STFU

  • KY Celts fan

    I think you were right the first time.

  • Nora

    Give me a break you would be laughing if Kobe said it. You are a pathetic loser troll

  • sweeney

    What’s more offensive?… hearing a player on the court call you “a cancer patient look-alike” where trash talk is expected to be spoken…
    …or having some random person walk up to you at the mall and tell you that you look like a cancer patient?
    I get it CV.. You’re team isn’t the greatest this year or last.. I’m sure you envy KG in some ways.. being playoff bound etc..
    But honestly, if you want to preach tact and sportsmanship..
    KEEP IT ON THE COURT! or at least in the locker room. Because your chosen approach in addressing this matter is wicked contradictory to what you’re “claiming” is your true intention.

  • Nora

    Alot of tough talk from Twitter from CV but what happened on the court? CV did nothing. CV want nothing to do with getting into a fight and he only tweeted this because he was too scared to say it to KG in person is what I see here. He was just mad that KG owned him on the court and now he wants to make himself look good somehow. That is what I got out of the incident.

  • PPsucks

    Hey stfu youre pathetic! and i wouldnt there are boundaries and he crossed that…i would man up and say yes he messed up……but you guys support that but hey what can you expect from you stupid chowdheads

  • Nora

    It’s time to leave the NBA when you are actually going to cry about random trash talking. Worst has been said on the court.

  • KG said that he was cancerous to his team and the nba but states that he didnt call him a cancer patient