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Recap: Rondo leads landslide victory over Pistons

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So that's what happens when the Celtics protect the ball…

The Celtics kept the turnovers to a minimum tonight and beat the Pistons 109-86.

The team's assist-turnover ratio was 33 – 8. Rajon Rondo's assist-turnover ratio was 17- ZERO. Rajon now holds the NBA record for most assists through the first 4 games of a season (67).

Detroit gave a half-ass effort for most the game. In fact, they may have lulled the Celtics to sleep at the start of the 4th quarter. A 22 point lead was reduced to 12. Doc Rivers was forced to return some starters to the floor and they finished off the Pistons.

Kevin Garnett led the Cs with 22 points (9-12 FG). It was nice to see Jermaine O'Neal contribute (12 points, 5-8 FG, 2 blks in 21 minutes).

The second unit (Nate, Quisy, Von, Glen & Semih) shot 9 – 25 FG.

Tracy McGrady sat out the 2nd half with a sore knee. Dude, retire already. You're finished.

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  • BRADinLA

    I feel like that second unit is gonna be MUCH better once Delonte comes back and we have a true point guard running the show when he starters sit down.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Was nice to see Jermaine blocking shots and scoring. Rondo is unstoppable. A good win as long as long as they dont piss it away tomorrow night against the Bucks, who should be hungry after getting whipped at home.

  • jared

    Cut down on turnovers, play hard defense, crush lesser opponents. Rest the starters as early and often as possible while developing bench players roles. Fresher legs against the better teams.
    Fairly simple, this is what needs to happen to make a run at home court advantage and rack up the wins in the R.S.

  • mileke

    okkk Thats More Like It C’s, There’s Plenty Of Teams We Shoulda Blew Out In The First Four Games But Turnovers Make Big Differences, Which We Were Able To See Tonight… Rondo, Whose Gonna Stop That Man This Year ? Garnett ? Is It Ok If We Say We Have The Old KG Back ? 22 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 Blocks ? That Was Unheard Of From Him Last Year.. Glad Jermaine Oneal Found His Game, Pierce’s Been A X-Factor All Season So Far, Better Watch Out, Cant Wait To Get Delonte Back, Then We Will Really Be Unstoppable, And Did I See Von Playin Good D That Lead To A Transistion Point For Semih ? Good Win C’s, Gotta Do It Again Tomorrow At Home Vs. The Milwaukee Bucks !

  • Stat of the night – 18-18 FTs

  • jim

    I fell sad for T-Mac.
    He used to be awesome to watch

  • I like Josh’s mention of 100% from the line, but to me, for this team, the stat of the night is 8 turnovers. Just a solid team-effort. KG & Truth scoring, Rondo distributing, Baby taking charges, Semih and J.O. getting some good blocks..this is exactly what we should’ve done in Cleveland, but oh well. Bucks lost pretty badly at home tonight, so they will be weary coming into our building tomorrow evening. Good chance for us to get another W and build momentum before this next string of tough games which include: Chi, OKC, Dallas, Miami. Should be a good test for this group.

  • Yeah, I agree about the TOs, I’m just thinking about last couple of seasons where there would be high turnovers combined with 60% shooting from the line and the game would be lost by 7 or something. Just a great effort all around.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Dude, it was f’n Detroit. Boston still sucks.

  • phenor

    the triple B’S in la doin work. 82-0…i can taste it.

  • 9kpafun

    Dear Joseph 17-16,
    We love trolls. Please make this your bridge and never leave.

  • ShawnCVD

    I recall you bragging how Lakers (at home) blew out the Warriors on Halloween. Big accomplishment for Rapist and CO, huh?

  • KY Celts fan


  • That was Rondo’s best game so far this season. He took good shots, made good passes and was in complete control of the game.
    Great Job Rondo!