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MSG is an asbestos-laden death trap

I keep hearing how great Madison Square Garden is… but I don't see it… especially now that we know it's teeming with asbestos:

The New York Knicks game against the Orlando Magic set for Tuesday has been postponed, the team announced.

Maintenance was being performed at Madison Square Garden following Monday's New York Rangers game which included "cleaning asbestos-related materials in the attic above the ceiling," according to the team. Some debris fell into the arena.

After consulting with the NBA, the Knicks decided to postpone the game for safety reasons. They said they will work with experts to determine when the arena can reopen.

Ok, "teeming" and "asbestos-laden death trap" are both exaggerations.  But call me crazy for thinking major arenas that host huge events on an almost daily basis should ALREADY be asbestos free.  How many millions of people are in and out of that place every year… and there's STILL asbestos in it?  Doesn't that seem a little nuts to anyone else? 

Have fun traipsing all over the tri-state area to get all your games in, Knicks.  How's the signing feel now, Amare? 

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  • JD

    This could explain the madness exhibited by Isiah Thomas and James Dolan.

  • TheRealMonk

    I am a 26 year old former Knicks fan from NY. Ever since the Knicks traded Ewing to Seattle I have never rooted for them since. KG and Ray Allen were always my 2 favorite players even while I was a Knicks fan (minus Ewing of course). That being said, in ’07 when The C’s traded for KG AND Allen, I became a Celtics fan and now absolutely love the team. Even went to my first game in Boston last Tuesday night against the Heat. I gave a ton of credit to Boston fans for the way they love their sports and how friendly everyone in the city was (Probably because they didn’t know I am a Yankees fan). Anyway, that being said, I have a soft spot for MSG. There’s no reason to trash the world’s most famous arena. It is old, not like your TD Garden, and will be undergoing renovations over the next 2 years, but no need to blog about it and trash it. I understand the NY Boston rivalry but the Knicks are no where near the level of the Celtics and I can’t keep supporting this website if you’re going to bash the real Garden. I love that place and i swore I will never go to a game there rooting against the Knicks, it’s almost sacreligious. So talk all the trash you want to about Miami or the Lakers, but leave Madison Square Garden out of it. Thanks.

  • CFH

    I actually have a soft spot for Madison Square Garden, too, but I thought the headline was hilarious.
    It’s almost always right for a blog for a Boston team to snark at something bad befalling the team from New York. This is something that, while dangerous and unfortunate, can and will be fixed. “The world’s most famous arena” ought to be able to handle a few jokes.

  • GranTur

    It’s just a NY thing lol no big deal. MSG is historic but any chance to poke fun should be taken.

  • janglesjr

    Why did Big Baby Davis purchase homes in San Francisco and West Hollywood?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Does NYC still smell like piss?

  • greenbeand

    i can’t remember the last time NY hoops was relevant

  • Lee in Oregon

    Not since Patrick Ewing got beat by the Dream.

  • 9kpafun

    @ TheRealMonk
    …..and I can’t keep supporting this website if you’re going to bash the real Garden….
    O.k. We’re sorry. Here’s an asbestos bouquet.