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So beating a team a week ago isn’t good enough?

Shaq dunking on heatI don't give 2 craps about power rankings.  They're nothing but some writer's opinion on who's better at the moment. 

But I do find it pretty funny that we're less than a week removed from the Celtics beating Miami on opening night, Miami has already leapfrogged the Celtics in ESPN's power rankings.

LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh have only managed to shoot a collective 44 percent from the field. And it hasn't even mattered since the opening night trip to Boston because the Heat's collective D has been so smothering.

Again, I don't give a damn about the ranking.  I just wanted to point out to everyone that the first chance someone got to bump Miami up… even above a team they just lost to… that opportunity was taken.

Via Chris Forsberg / Reuters photo

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  • Onions

    I agree. This strikes me as pretty dumb. I do have to admit to being surprised that the Heat are faring so well on defense, especially against the Magic. Maybe it’s a deal where there isn’t much film to break down about the NEW Heat yet.
    …and I’m not gonna give them the click that they want by posting these types of things.

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t care about power rankings either, but I think the current rankings reflect more Miami’s utter destruction of Orlando and the fact we haven’t had a double digit win yet, even playing against scrubs.

  • mileke

    we dont have to be top of the power rankings… because the power rankings had us out the playoffs in the 2nd round…. and clearly that didnt happen… we just wanna be playin in june… the power rankings dont even matter… though we should be #2 since we are 2-1 just like the heat, beating them once, and beating the knicks… all they’ve done was beat the magic… havent even had a hard schedule thus far…. but anyways the celtics are the best in the east and the league know this !

  • Jack

    Why not? Duane Wade had missed all of preseason, and had a very un-Wade like first game against the Celtics. He was himself in the next 3 games; 2 of them (one against the Orlando Magic) were blow outs, and the other one was won comfortably. On the other hand, the Celtics barely won against both Cleveland and New York.

  • The next couple weeks will really say alot about our Celts: We got Chicago, OKC and Dallas back-to-back on the road (oof)then a rematch w/Miami in their building. We’ll see just how good these C’s are soon enough..

  • PPsucks

    Hey wheres your shoutbox?

  • Nora

    He proabably had an un wade like game BECAUSE of the C’s. That’s why

  • Nora

    We won’t see how good they are to the playoffs

  • Nora

    I meant until the playoffs

  • LOL…I hope that's not the case again-we need that homecourt this year.

  • janglesjr

    Why is Big Baby Davis face down with a huge ball near his mouth? What in the world?

  • BigMck

    It’s still there in the right sidebar. Only degenerate Lakers fans can’t see it.

  • PPsucks

    Fucking Pansies

  • Jack

    Where were those un-Wade like games in the first round of the playoffs last season?