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Happy Halloween from The Truth

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Good to see that after all the "blood, sweat and tears" the Captain still knows how to have fun.  This is his Halloween costume… which makes sense since his daughter is dressed up as a princess.

Pics are all via Paul Pierce's Twitter page.  More after the jump

UPDATED:  after the jump:  Newly added photos of most of the rest of the C's in costume… AND David Ortiz!

Plus… more photos courtesy of Jermaine O'Neal's twitter

Pierce costume

Pierce costume 2

Pierce costume 3
Pierce costume 4
Pierce costume 5

Marquis costue
Jermaine costume

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  • Matt

    I’m surprised Pierce could find a costume that fit his height.

  • fick

    Fricking GOLD. These pictures make me laugh like a crazy person in the middle of my open plan office. Hilarious. Can’t wait to see the other costumes.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    What an idiot! Thank God he left Inglewood. Boston can have this loser

  • GuessWho?

    You mad because the Laker’s egos are too big to have fun? All play no fun. Well in Kobes case, play and rape women in hotel rooms.

  • CFH

    Don’t worry, Joseph… we’re more than happy to have a man confident enough to put on a silly costume to match his daughter’s. Great player, great dad.

  • james

    who’s the guy in the last photo with the big three? is it nate? can’t think who else it is but he looks way too tall..

  • CFH

    It’s David Ortiz.

  • Here’s another great one: http://yfrog.com/86w4ayj

  • KY Celts fan

    That is a hell of a lot of ribs!

  • I know..damn..C’s wives, or personal chefs more likely, must’ve been cooking for like 3 days straight. Just for Shaq and Baby.

  • Rondo is supposed to be Tiger Woods right? JO’s costume was funny. It’s funny that Delonte would chose V as his costume. that guy was pretty psycho.

  • ShawnCVD

    PP is raising a child you idiot. This is a rare occasion that the C’s have a holiday off. He’s not going to celebrate Halloween with her?
    You’d think for this of all days you’d dress up as anything other than a troll…

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Of course, if this was Kobe, you guys would be talking sh*t. Typical hypocritical fans in Boston.
    BTW: Lakers just destroyed Golden St.

  • PPsucks


  • thelpierce

    Not BUNCH OF IDIOTS, more like BUNCH OF BROTHERS just having fun with themselves and family on a day off coz they know ahead of them lies 79 more games they need to play hard to bring us BANNER 18! GO CELTICS.

  • Nora

    No the idiots are the ones who have nothing better to do then troll. It’s sad.

  • ShawnCVD

    Difference is we don’t go to a dedicated hard core Faker fan site and push buttons. Typical Joseph trolling crap.

  • ShawnCVD

    Oh and your use of hypocritical is completely off. The status quot here is that we hate the Flakers. So there would be nothing inconsistent (and therefore nothing hypocritical) about trashing Rapist and CO were they to dawn silly costumes.

  • ShawnCVD