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Von Wafer plays dumb about the fight


Look man… we all know something happened.  Just be a man about it and cut this "this is the first I'm hearing about it" crap.  

It's pretty clear that Von is not ready for prime time.  This ain't Houston, man.  Things are a little different around here.

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  • james

    wafer bitched out of this majorly. could have just been the bigger man and said shit happened its in the past im moving on no hard feelings. he wont even deny it happened. speak to doc and danny. such a bullshit excuse. i used to think wafer was going ot be the piece that put us over the top, now i’m longing for some lasme!
    hopefully wafer gets cut when delonte comes back like some people have said will happen and then we can pick lasme back up, dude deserves a roster spot.

  • Mileke

    he didnt even have to say anything happened…. he coulda simply said “no comment” just like DOC said… i understand he dont wanna go into details. but dont be so damn dumb…. thats where you mess up…. this aint HOUSTON (though thats my hometown….) We Do Things Differently Round Boston….

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    I’m tired of this guy waive him and and bring Lasme back.

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    I’m tired of this guy waive him and and bring Lasme back.

  • the-green-monster

    you are an idiot, do you go out and tell everybody what goes on in your freaking house. the public and the media does not need to know what happen in the locker room. the media would not stop talking about delonte and von for the rest of the year, that’s what they do. wafer does not have to answer to anyone but danny, doc, teamates, and the owners of the celtics. i’m happy the way he handle the situation. its nobody’s business but the boston celtics.

  • Mileke

    I totally agree with “Celtics 17” LASME was waayyyy Moree Humbled !

  • itsthatbradguy

    On a team where chemistry is so important, we don’t need guys like Von Wafer causing problems like this. Waive him ASAP, whether West is back or not. I’ll sacrifice some depth and maybe a few wins now to get a cancer out of the locker room.

  • eighteen

    apparently wafer’s camp is the one that leaked out the information in the first place to get delonte cut so he is higher in the rotation… cut wafer and bring back LASME!!!!

  • GreenBlood

    Completely agree. And to the one who made the topic or thread, why would he need to admit it to you or the public. You wouldn’t even have the faintest idea what happened if this wasn’t leaked. Would commend what Wafer actually said in that interview and would definitely shorten the life of this issue. The quicker this problem disappear off the media radar, the better for the Celtics.

  • GreenBlood

    Thank God you’re not the GM or coach of this team. You’re underestimating the Chemistry this team for being together 2-3years. Not even someone like Wafer could harm that. The vets know good enough than to heed to the antics that’s happening inside the house. If they can be destroyed or ruin the team chemistry as people say just by this, then they don’t deserve to be champions this year. They are good enough to look pass this and focus on the bigger picture, Banner 18 😉

  • PPsucks

    LOL!!!!!! your name is soo fucked up its not even funny actually it is haha what are Cletics? and Fakers? LOL name Fail……..i know youre a Celtic Fan cause youre sooooo damn stupid!

  • Lee in Oregon

    they didnt out up with his shit in Houston

  • ShawnCVD

    I believe he was given specific instructions on what to say to the media by ownership, Doc and Danny. He took it very literally. If that’s all he says this story will drop by the way side.