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Is Von Wafer trying to make Delonte look bad?

The incident was first reported on, which stated that Ainge is considering releasing West, who is missing the first 10 games on an NBA suspension (gun charges) and is on a non-guaranteed contract.

“That’s just not true,” said Ainge. “I have no idea where that came from.”

Actually, the Celts do have an idea, with sources saying they believe the entire report emanated from the Wafer camp. The Celtics’ current plan is that West will enter the rotation when he returns, and Wafer will move deeper down the bench.

Herald – Shamrock skirmish

I understand that guys are competing for jobs and cash. But if Von Wafer is taking that competition off the court, whether it be with punches or media manipulation, then he's got to go.

CSNNE's Carolyn Manno has some insight into Wafer:

The real issue here is trust. If other C's think Von Wafer isn't keeping in house issues in house, may start to splinter the locker room

Multiple ppl telling me Von Wafer is difficult to deal w/. My gut tells me Wafer is the instigator and Delonte used very poor judgement.

On Page 2, Tommy Heinsohn downplays the entire incident and says Red Auerbach used to encourage fighting.


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  • If Wafer or his camp are planting stories, he’s gotta go… end of story. There’s no place for a disruptive jerk like that around here

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    I’m not sure why Wafer is still here. West obviously kills him in practice and hes well aware that when West returns from his suspension he will have 0 playing time. Even when Wafer was given playing time he did nothing with it. I say drop Wafer as soon as West comes back.

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    I wish Danny would of signed House instead of Wafer. House is a huge part of the Heats bench and come playoff time he will win a couple games for them!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Did someone say Von Waivered?
    Is Wafer Von Doomed?
    It’s going! It’s going! It’s von!
    I think our Fantastic Four need to straighten out Von Doom before something bad happens.
    I’m really thinking Von is actually a Von Doombot…and he’s been programmed to ruin the dynamics of our beloved Celtics.
    Von Dingus

  • BradysSlamPigs

    If this shit is true and Von Shitbag is trying to bring this out of the locker room this guy seriously needs to peace out. I agree that Ainge should have went after House again as well, but he probably wanted a little more money. Bring Lasme back and send that scum bag Wafer to curb.

  • Mileke

    If This Article Is True… Then VON Have To Get His Shitty Lien Ass Outta Boston… We Just Dont Have Room For Childish Bullshit…. We’re In Persue Of BANNER 18, And He Wanna Fight And Lie…. Talkin Bout He Knew Nothin Bout A Fight… Anyway… It Has Really Pissed Me Off… He Is Messing Up Our Chemistry… He’s Been A Distraction In The Locker Room… And I Say This Is A Very Good Time To Bring LASME Back… Or Wait Till The 10-GAME Suspension Is Up… But If Wafer Wanna Keep Foolin… Then He Needs To Go… End Of Story…. !

  • green8teen


  • Classless

    Funny if you look at Wafer’s twitter, he sites God in almost every post he makes. Doesn’t seem very Christian of him to be such a disruptive, no talent hack.

  • greenbeand

    personally i’d like to see danny bundle some players and picks for a pure shooting guard- micahel redd would look nice