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Rondo being Rondo

KWAPT (@KWAPT) October 30, 2010 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Rondo being Rondo


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Early in the preseason, Celtics fans like myself started to notice Rajon Rondo was wearing his Nike Hyperfuses quite loosely.

Nick DePaula, writer for my favorite sneaker website, Sole Collector, noticed too.

Check out the piece he did on just why Rajon wears his kicks so "weirdly"

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  • james

    he was wearing kobe’s last night. thought that was a bit weird…

  • Actually he wasn’t. They look alot like the Kobe V, but the difference is Rondo’s say “NIKE” on the tongue, where the Kobe V’s have the special Kobe Bryant logo on them. Besides, RR would never lace-up a pair of Kobes! (I hope not…)
    Rondo’s last night:
    Kobe V’s:

  • For 3 and the Game

    Rondo would never wear anything that Kobe “No Means No” Bryant did. Rajon turned in the headband. Now he’s dropping enough dimes to feed the pine street inn. I have never, in all my 20 plus years as a Celts fan, been so excited as I am now for this year, this team. On the 25th year anniversary of The Goonies I’d like to say…”Cause’s up there it’s there time. It’s there time up there. But down here it’s our time. It’s our time down here.”

  • Greenie

    Stop writing articles about how Rondo wears his uniform! If you call attention to these “oddities,” David Stern might notice and implement more “Rondo Rules,” resulting in fines for our PG.

  • lol…ok man.