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Career Night for Rajon Rondo

There have quite a few times when Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has sent a decree to the rest of the NBA stating that he is the best point guard in the NBA.  While there is certainly plenty of room for people to sit at that sports debating bar, one thing is undeniable right now: Rondo is throwing dimes like nobody else in the NBA.

He's a magician, ninja, necromancer, warlock, wizard, jedi, whatever.  The man doesn't really need a nickname and it's probably best to sit back and enjoy this rare once-in-a-lifetime player that wears the green every game.  It's difficult to pinpoint his game, especially since he's said that he never watched the NBA growing up as a kid in Kentucky.  So while you and I were mimicking Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and/or Michael Jordan, Rondo plays without the tainted imagery of anyone else in his mind.

Perhaps Kevin Garnett described him best after last night's symphony:

"He was amazing. We all know that he is an influence on the game. And tonight, man — stats are one thing, but the influence and how he controls the game is another. There are very few in the game that can do it. He's a special player, man. Even when he looks bad on nights, he makes it look simple at times."

Rondo is a triple-double threat every time he takes the floor, and against the New York Knicks he posted another one with 10 points, 10 rebounds and 24 assists.  Just to give you an idea of how absurd that is, he had more than, or just as many assists as 21 TEAMS totalled the same night:

  •  Cleveland Cavaliers – 15
  • Sacramento Kings – 21
  • New Jersey Nets – 18
  • Charlotte Bobcats – 17
  • Orlando Magic – 5
  • Miami Heat – 17
  • Denver Nuggets – 19
  • New Orleans Hornets – 23
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – 16
  • Detroit Pistons – 16
  • Milwaukee Bucks – 18
  • Minnesota TimberWolves – 13
  • Memphis Grizzlies – 17
  • LA Lakers – 21
  • Phoenix Suns – 21
  • LA Clippers – 17

The Toronto Raptors, Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks all equaled his total of 24.  The Indiana Pacers had 25, just a single assist more.  The only TEAM to best Rondo's 24 was the Golden State Warrirors with 32.  Amazingly, he had nearly 5 times the total amout that the Magic put up.

Chris Forsberg of posted some great work about Rondo and the game last night. Be sure to check those out, and once you're done, sit back and enjoy all 24 of his assists with the video below:


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  • greenbeand

    who’se clutch at the line rondo vs shaq

  • Rondo is such a unique and talented young player that is hard to objectively criticize him. 24 assists is an awesome number, but quite a few of those come at the expense of passing up IMO better scoring opportunities for himself. I know, I am bitching about someone being to *un*selfish.. I truly believe we would have been a better TEAM last night if Rondo had established himself as a little more of a scorer and punish the defenders who are often playing him to pass the ball. Credit to Rondo that EVEN WHEN they do that he can still be effective. Many of his turnovers are still just passes that shouldn’t be or just don’t need to be made. Rondo is just a few adjustments in judgment from being not just ‘one of the best’ but being a dominant point guard in this league even with a mediocre outside shot. That being said, I still love the guy just the way he is… 🙂

  • matt

    RONDOO= 24!!!!!Assists (Career High) MVP! MVP! MVP!
    Steve Nash= 22 Assists (Career High)
    Chris Paul=21 Assists (Career High)
    Kobe Bryant=15 Assists (Career High)
    LeBron James=15 Assists (Career High)
    Deron Williams=21 Assists (Career High)