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More Rondo in the post, please


The Celtics have made it a point to go to the post more so far this season.  Some of that involves Rajon Rondo in the post.  

Count me among the people who thinks this is a great idea that we need more of when possible.  If teams are going to willingly let Rondo set up 3 feet from the hoop against a guy who is right around his size, why not graciously accept the gift?

Look at what Rondo does to Gibson in that video.  He's got amazing quickness that he can use to spin off someone.  We've already seen his ability to fake someone down low and finish in traffic.  And if the other team doubles, then Rondo will find the open man in a split second. 

You can't do it all the time… but against the right matchup (like maybe tonight against Raymond Felton) you can set Rondo up on the block 3 or 4 times in a game.  

It's a new aspect to Rondo's game that should be explored more.  His physical ability and the options that it can open up make the post game a weapon that should stay in Rondo's arsenal.

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  • Ditto.
    I was half expecting the Jordan Ball Fake with Rondo’s huge hands followed 2 steps to the right and dunk.