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Celtics @ Cavs: Game 2/82 Highlights

Well then, nobody saw that one coming.  For all of the highs the Celtics left their fans feeling after defeating Miami on opening night, they doled out an equal amount of lows for brushing off the LeBron-less Cavaliers.  The Celtics seemed to be just biding their time for the good part of the game, almost waiting for Cleveland to wave the white banner.  Only that didn't happen.

The Cavs wanted this one badly, so much so that we were all witness to a confetti sprinkled celebration once the final buzzer sounded.  Boston made a nasty habit of losing games like these, especially in this manner last season.  In the aftermath, they all seem to claim that it won't happen again and that they're all focused on getting home court advantage throughout the playoffs.  Time will tell if this is all empty "stock quote" chatter, but for now, let's look at the good parts from a bad loss.

Q1: The first quarter begins with a nice night time shot of Cleveland.  Then Comcast gets another funny shot of Paul Pierce entering the building in his "Steve Urkel" glasses, running down the hallway.  Other highlights include:

  • Rajon Rondo blowing by Ramon Sessions for the first two points for the C's
  • Pierce rebounding a Sessions airball, then finding Shaq who beats everyone up the floor for the lay-up
  • Rondo with the quick hands, deflecting an Anderson Varejao pass, then firing it off Varejao's leg to gain possession
  • KG cutting to the hoop for a lay-in
  • Rondo kicking it out to KG for a jumper
  • KG driving baseline for a slam
  • Rondo driving to the hoop, finding Shaq for the double-pump lay-up
  • Solid team defense and rebounding
  • Rondo drilling a 24-second shot clock buzzer beating three
  • Big Baby with a turn-around jumper in the post
  • Rondo doin' work on the post
  • Rondo with a smooth jumper
  • Jermaine O'Neal taking a charge
  • Big Baby draining a three (yes a three) at the buzzer, but it was later negated after replay review showed he didn't get it off in time


Q2: The second quarter starts off with a sneaky poke-away steal by Marquis Daniels, leading to a breakaway for Nate Robinson.  Nate got fouled on the play.  Other highlights include:

  • Big Baby with a strong drive to the hoop
  • Marquis with a nice move in the post
  • Nate drawing a charge
  • Big Baby with a nice fade-away in the lane
  • Pierce with a strong drive to the basket for a hoop, and 1
  • Ray Allen with a nice jumper coming off a curl
  • Ray fakes a three, then drives to the hoop for a smooth lefty lay-up
  • Rondo finding a cutting Pierce in transition for another basket, and 1
  • KG with a fierce rebound
  • A brief highlight of Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn from their first ever broadcasted game together on the Prism network
  • Big Baby with another nice move in the post, this time a jump-hook over Jamario Moon


Q3: The second half begins with Ray Allen driving and dishing to Shaq, who throws down a classic power slam.  Other highlights include:

  • Ray tossing in a floater in the lane
  • Rondo takes off after getting a hand up on Anthony Parker's three, which misses… Ray gets the long rebound and outlets to Rondo for an easy two
  • Rondo grabbing a rebound, starting the fast break by himself… passes to KG who gives it right back to Rondo for another easy two
  • Rondo picks off a lazy Jamario Moon pass then coasts for a lay-up
  • KG snaring a rebound, outlets to Rondo who finds Pierce open for a transition three
  • Big Baby with a nice steal, leading to a Rondo up-and-under left-handed lay-up to avoid Varejao
  • KG grabbing another loud rebound, leading to a Pierce transition step-back jumper
  • Another sweet Ray Allen jumper off a curl
  • Nate raining a three off a screen


Q4: The brutal final quarter begins with Jermaine O'Neal's first official field goal as a Boston Celtic: an elbow jumper.  Other highlights include:

  • An amazing Big Baby spin move on Antawn Jamison in the post; going up and under for a reverse lay-in which gets Tommy very excited
  • The Nate/Shaq technicals.  Nate does his best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle impression with the jump-kick.  Shaq just doesn't do, well much of anything.
  • Shaq feeding a cutting Marquis for two
  • Solid team defense on a driving Sessions… Big Baby gets the rebound and Ray Allen eventually draws a foul as he drives to the basket
  • Big Baby with yet another driving basket
  • Pierce with some nice one-on-one stay at home defense, leading to an airball
  • Pierce gets Moon on an up-fake, then cans the jumper
  • More solid defense leading to a Varejao airballed three as the 24-second shot clock expired
  • KG with a nice block, which was called a goaltend
  • The longest one-second ever
  • Big Baby being active, saving a possession and getting a much needed hoop
  • Big Baby keeping the Celtics hopes alive by drawing a late charge on J.J. Hickson
  • Pierce's missed jumper that essentially sealed the loss


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