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Ainge: West, Wafer will stay with team

Via the Globe: 

"There was an altercation and we just handled it internally and we’ll move forward," Ainge said. "I talked with the guys. Doc [Rivers] talked with them and we’re just moving forward on it."

Ainge said that neither player was in jeopardy of being released. He went to bat for West, saying that any notion that the 27-year-old guard had been involved in conflicts beyond this one and a previous dust-up with Wafer last week were untrue.

"I did read that story and there was a lot of lies in that story," Ainge said. "Things were twisted. It’s not true. We’re not releasing Delonte. There have not been any other of these altercations that have happened this year.

That directly contradicts Alex Kennedy's story.  This is Ainge's shot directly at Kennedy:

"Whoever wrote the story had something to get Delonte. That’s for sure. There’s some untruths in that story.

We await Kennedy's response


Adrian Wojnarowski has a series of tweets on the situation… most notably:

No one with Celtics believes Delonte West had been an issue in locker room. Only the 15th man on roster, Wafer, has problems with him.

And this

C's believe Wafer shares blame in escalation of tempers and don't see practice scrap as West issue only. Also, they need West to win title.

I think this is the writing on the wall.  If Wafer is the only guy that has a problem with Delonte, and Wafer shares in the blame for this, and West is a key to winning the title… then what does that say about Wafer's future?  Not much, in my eyes.

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  • Dustin Chapman

    Like I’ve been saying… everything HOOPSWORLD puts out is either 100% bullshit or has at least one key piece of false information. And releasing a player over THIS would be ridiculous. DA is smarter than that.
    Fuck HOOPSWORLD. That place is such a joke. I’d have just as much credibility as their “insiders” if I restarted my old blogs…

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    Well I’m glad the story wasn’t true about West agitating other teammates or I think Ainge would cut him undoubtedly.

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    Well I’m glad the story wasn’t true about West agitating other teammates or I think Ainge would cut him undoubtedly.

  • Dustin Chapman

    I hate shit like that. Delonte never fucked with anybody or got on the team’s nerves… give me a break. Writers only “release” shit like that when something happens to a player who they have something against, so they can add to the story and make them look bad. If Delonte and Wafer never fought today, Kennedy would have never released a word about Delonte pissing other players off. But all of the sudden a little scuffle happens and NOW “Delonte is on everyone’s nerves and they’ve had enough.”
    Give me a fucking break.

  • Lee in Oregon

    glad thats over with.
    Delonte & Von can resume thier 1 on 1 games after practice.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ah, good news. Love Delonte….don’t know much, or care much about Von Wafer. Nevertheless, the best bit about this is that it won’t affect the team, and, the hopes of Banner 18.

  • Mike

    I’d cut Wafer, guy seems to be a bit of a punk, complaining early that he didn’t know how he fit on this roster…keep D west, get rid of that fraud Von

  • UhOh!!

    there’s something about von…i dont know the guy personally but something about him is just unlikable…

  • Nick

    BOTTOM LINE….All u people are just backing Delonte because u perceive him as the better player. I for 1 feel that Von and Avery Bradley will both help us much more this season because they each are team players and provide specific strengths that are key to a championship team. Defense for Avery and 3 point shooting for Von. We all saw the video of Delonte shouldering Wafer during their 1 on 1 game and taunting him. I always liked Delonte but he’s a loose cannon, a good player but a loose cannon, and the kid has issues dating back to Boston and to his childhood, people think the gun-shit was his first issue but it wasn’t. All u guys claiming West will be huge for us, cmon now, the guys a tweener and a streak shooter who killed the cavs time after time in the playoffs for 2 str8 years, and this is coming from someone who’s always liked him. Give me Wafer Bradley and team unity. If it don’t work out, send some bullshit up to Indiana for Posey or Dahntay Jones. I doubt we will need it though.

  • ShawnCVD

    Delonte = crazy good. Von = crazy good-bye. Wafer will be cut/traded/sent to Red Claws at some point this season barring injuries at SF.

  • ShawnCVD

    I don’t see Doc trusting Von in the play offs. I feel he trusts West and so he’ll play despite his flaws. I like the West/Nate back court BTW.

  • jared

    Delonte is nuts, Wafer is, what I would call surly. Thats the vibe I get from him. Both, clearly, are total idiots. Non-Guaranteed dudes getting into shit like this has got to be the dumbest thing ever.
    At the same time, if Delonte was the instigator and Wafer made any attempts to defuse the sit., then D should be put on a tiny fucking leash. One more stunt like that and he gets the boot. The clubs reputation must not be sullied by those who should know better.

  • nick

    I mean whats fair is fair. Just kuz the majority of celtics fans realize what D-West is as a player and feel he’s a big time rotation player, doesn’t give him the right to fuck with Wafer and taunt him. I like Wafer better because he brings what Eddie House did.

  • BamaCeltic

    D.west is way more important , than Von …even if West is crazy, he is more all around player than Von …plus Von hasnt shown me Shit…still think we should have kept Lasme over him …who gives a shit about his so called shooting ability ..havent seen it yet ….Lasme gave it his all when he was on the court…my 2cents.

  • I really like both Delonte and Von, and more than that have followed both of them with interest for some time now. In fact i’ve watched both of them dating back to their college days.
    For those who don’t know, both these guys are extremely talented, Delonte is the guy that everyone loves around here because he basically grew up here in NBA terms, he’s funny, charismatic, and does a lot of uniq things that make him a special basketball player.
    Von Wafer on the other hand is an unknown. This is about his 50th basketball team since turning pro. The reason for that isn’t his talent, its his head. The guy has all the talent anyone needs to play at a high level in the NBA, he just seems to get in his own way of being able to do so.
    Anyhow, this incident, was especially curious to me because these two players have never really had problems with teammates, why now could these guys just not get along.
    For some insight i texted my buddy who is an assistant trainer with the Rockets, and was there at the same time Von was, to see if i could get a little insight into the situation. here is what he said:
    me: what did you think of Von (wafer) when he was with the rockets?
    him: he has huge attitude problems. he was late all the time and missed some mandatory meetings but hes a great player. definitely better than delonte west. or marquis daniels.
    hes athletic, great shot, and he can also take it to the basket, isnt afraid of pressure.
    cant defend too well though.
    me: i think he could be (better than west or quis) ive always liked watching him, just not sure hes ever gonna get out of his own way long enough to put it all together
    him: yea, like in LA he was so pissed that vujacic beat him out for the last spot a few years ago, i think hes better than sasha, but i just think phil jackson didnt want to put up with his shit,
    but i know von personally and i like him, he is a good guy
    me: i just dont understand why he cant get along with west, or aldeman in houston, who has to be one of the easiest coaches in the league to play for
    him: yea i couldnt either, he always just opened his mouth at the wrong time, aldeman liked him for a while but he (von) let a lot of stuff go to his head when he started getting playing time, at first he would complain to the asst. coaches, then he started with aldeman. the last straw was that playoff game against LA when he again got pissed coach took him out
    me: yea he hasnt gotten comfortable in bos yet and really hasnt been able to show what he can do, its a shame this might be the end for him
    if bos cuts him i dont see who gives him another chance
    he never really had any problems with any other players in houston right?
    him: yea he’s been on tons of teams. lakers rockets nuggets celtics mavs olympiakos among others, but he got along with every other player pretty well in houston.
    thats pretty much the end of the conversation in terms of relevancy
    anyway, i took away a lot from the conversation, but the biggest thing is that wafer doesnt know how to help himself out, if he did, he’d still be a contributer on the rockets.
    also i wouldnt read too much into the him taking wafer over daniels and delonte, he obviously has a relationship with wafer, and knows how good that he could be, im not saying that he doesnt believe that wafer is better, im just saying he might believe otherwise if he was around daniels or west for periods of time.

  • my final thought though is, with the veteran leadership this team has, and doc as a coach, they should be able to work through these kinds of situations. this is where guys like kg ray and pierce have to step in and take control

  • Jerry West

    Celtics 17> Lakers 16