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Cleveland: Where time stands still

Cleveland is a boring place.  

So boring that it probably feels like time stands still.  In fact, we've got video proof of how time feels twice as long as it really is.


That was a pretty damn long second.  Now… it's possible the Cleveland time-keeper-guy was wistfully dreaming about spectacular things like, oh, living anywhere but Cleveland and he fell asleep at the switch.  Maybe he was reading another Dan Gilbert memo written in Comic Sans and he got distracted.  Maybe he was just looking down the bench wondering if LeBron was going to change his mind and check in last minute and he was giving him some extra time. 

What I do know is that today's technology allows for something like tenths of a second to be counted and displayed on clocks.  I know… I know… it's crazy.  If only it was being done already on something like the NBA's game clocks.  Why the hell isn't it being displayed on the shot clock?  Was that 1.9 on the shot clock, or was it 1.0?  

Aren't situations like this the entire REASON why tenths of a second were added to the game clock? Weren't tenths added to avoid things like "wow, that's a long second"?  

Just add the tenths to the shot clock already and change the displays.  It's not that hard.

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  • Beastondo32

    I timed that play on a stopwatch several times and I ended up with 1.13 seconds almost every time

  • Danno

    You can see the game clock tick down 2 full seconds as the shot clock ticks only one.