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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics knew what was coming

Bosh stares at KG

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics knew coming in that with James and Wade, the Heat were going to run isolation plays all night to try and get their two scoring stars going.

“We had a great swarm,” Allen said. “Everybody was in position. We talked on defense. We knew every play they were running so when they ran it, [RajonRondo was right there, there was no gap. There was nowhere for LeBron to go and then we were coming back out for the shooters. There was one stretch where we were letting those corner 3s [be taken] and we have to do a better job of letting them have those shots.”

Then there was this from Glen Davis, who along with Shaquille O’Neal was making life miserable in the paint for the Heat all night.

“We had seen every thing they run. and they run a lot of iso,” Davis said of isolation plays for James and Wade. “And the one thing about iso is you can guard that by throwing two or three guys at them.”

WEEI:  Ray Allen, C's knew what was coming

What's that?  A great defensive team that's played together for years effectively scouted a team still figuring it out and used that knowledge to completely shut them down? 

Unheard of!

If it wasn't for LeBron leaning on his experience carrying crappy teammates in Cleveland and completely taking over in the 3rd, this game would have been a total blowout.  

That's not to say this is how every C's/Heat game will go.  The Heat have had no time to play together… and that really does mean a lot.  Last night, guys were zigging when teammates thought they'd be zagging.  Passes were a half step late or a half step early.  That's just a function of no playing time together.  

Miami will clean that up.  But I hope the people who just looked at their talent and said "that will overcome everything" understand that basketball is still a precision game and no amount of talent will overcome a lack of continuity.  

Nice win for the C's… tough loss for Miami… but this will have no bearing on how a playoff game goes between these two teams.

On Page 2:  Rondo dropping dimes

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Rondo vs miami

"Well, there wasn't a lot of points, so there wasn't a lot of assists," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "But Rondo was just — I thought he was spectacular." 

And that feeling was echoed in the Celtics' locker room, where new bigs like Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal gushed about Rondo's ability to get them the ball. In fact, they're still learning just to expect the ball in places other guards can't put it. 

"My last six or seven years, I really haven’t had a point guard like [Rondo]," said Shaquille O'Neal. "Now I’m just getting back to what I’m used to. If I’m by the basket… I just gotta be ready." 

And with someone like Rondo distributing the ball, Celtics backup point guard Nate Robinson noted the team can focus most of their energy on defense. 

"We know we have guys who can put the ball in the basket with ease," said Robinson. "We're not worried about offense; We're gonna score. Shaq opens up the paint, [Kevin Garnett] as well, and Rondo finds the right guy. He had what, like 18 assists?"

ESPN Boston: It's all about 17… at least for Rondo

Rondo had more assists than all of the Heat.  

With his 2 points 6 assists (2 assists on 3 pointers) Rondo was in on every point scored in the 1st quarter.

Rondo scored 4 points and dominated that game.  He got to the rim and when Miami collapsed on him, he picked them apart.  

They're going to have to account for Rondo a little better next time… which will make it interesting to see what they choose to sacrifice in order to do it.

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  • thetitleisours

    Great way to start, but I hope in future games we will not see PP playing 40+ too often. But games like this are an obvious exception

  • Great Game. Miami will obviously clean things up but it is clear that Lebron and dwade are the exact same player. It will be difficult, even after time, to get them clicking together. It will always be one or the other in my opinion. It also doesnt help that Spolstra and Bosh are straight garbage.

  • Schooley

    This is totally minutiae, but was it ever explained why Rondo wasn’t wearing a headband? It’s almost a trademark look for him, so it was weird to see him without it.

  • BradysSlamPigs

    Bosh is complete garbage. Sucks that the Heat paid him so much. Lets remember who he has played for in the past, you guessed it, the Toronto Raptors. When you are the only star on the team of course you are going to look like a beast. Join a team with some talent and he goes to the way side. I don’t expect to do much of anything from him if he has to play the 5 a lot. Miami might get it together but you have to wonder if Spolstra will be able to coach all those egos and get them to work as a cohesive unit. Plus the bench sucks. Go C’s, nice W.

  • daemian

    Bosh was in top ten in points and rebounds last year. Granted he was on a sorry team, but he’s not garbage. He will make any team pay that doesn’t take him almost as seriously as they do Wade and Lebronnie James Dio.
    Also, Shaq spent too much time in the game last night. He really belongs in the second squad, making things difficult for the second teams of the opposition.

  • KY Celts fan

    He hasn’t been wearing it all summer. I don’t like it though. His headband made him easy to pick out on TV.

  • BradysSlamPigs

    Yea apparently becuase he wore it upside down(which he did for good luck) the league said wear it upright or don’t wear it. They made changes to the uniform rules this year. Way to go Stern!

  • BradysSlamPigs

    With Wade and Bron Bron hogging the ball all the time he will struggle. Maybe I went to far in saying he is garbage but he will not be close to the player he was in Toronto. He’s a great offensive rebounder and will be good for that in Miami but he will be lucky to crack top 20 in points and boards this year.

  • Glad to see that the Celts shot down the isolation plays of james and Wade. I guess Bron and Wade didn`t learn their lesson in how to deal with the Celtics

  • ugly_joe

    There is only one way for Heat in this suporting cast situation: Starting Wade with Bosh and put LeBron in 6th men competition. But this not going to happend…

  • Cam

    Love how Rondo can dominate a game without scoring. Not many players in the history of the game have been able to do that.

  • Nick

    I just cannot get over how putrid miami is inside, 4get the fact that any legit celtics fan who’s watched the games over the last few years knows that Bosh is just a jump-shooter and that he is SOFT. when Perk Baby Shaq and K.G are on that puss, its gona be a long night, I 4got to mention Jermaine can handle him too. The Celts are scary deep and we are going to win close to 70 games this year maybe 66 like in 07-08 When the Heat face Orlando they are going to get abused inside also. Grow a set Bosh u pussy.

  • ShawnCVD

    I think these first ten games PP/R Allen will be out there more due to Delonte’s suspension. If Doc trusts Von Wafer than their minutes will drop otherwise the rotation won’t be set until mid November.

  • ShawnCVD

    JO lost the starting Job. Don’t fault Shaq. It doesn’t matter Shaq will not be in at end of games so where he gets his 22-24 minutes until then shouldn’t matter.

  • ShawnCVD

    +1 THAT team would be WAY better.

  • ShawnCVD

    if injury and back to backs weren’t a consideration I think you’d be right RE the record.

  • Mauritz

    That’s a HUGE disrespect on Steve Nash by Shaq. Sure Rondo’s spectacular, but Nash is probably just as good a distributor.

  • Cam

    I was thinking that too but he didn’t say best point guard or best passer. He said he hadn’t played with someone who distributed the ball like that in 6 7 years. Maybe Rondo puts him in better position to score than Nash? In any case I don’t know who he is referring to from 6 or 7 years ago……or maybe Shaq just had a brief case of amnesia

  • Schooley

    & KY Celts Fan
    Yeah, he just doesn’t look right without it.
    My wife noticed it during tonight’s game and joked that the league must have made him take it off because he had been wearing it upside down. Little did she know. Just ridiculous.