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Recap: Is the regular season over yet?


The city of Cleveland owes us one giant favor. The Celtics trumped their opening night victory over LeBron's new team, by losing to his old team.

The Celtics frustrated me all night long. Leading by 5 heading into the 4th quarter, I repeatedly said to myself – this is where we put them away. Nope. Never happened. The Cavs outscored Boston 27-14 in the final 12 minutes. 

Hey Mike Brown, you should have played JJ Hickson (21 points, 8-11 FG) a lot more during last year's playoffs.

I missed Anthony Parker's shot clock beating time-keeper assisted three pointer that put the Cavs up 89-86 with 2:27 left. But judging by Donny Marshall's reaction in the post game show, it was a bad call.

Last night's clutch time heroes, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, combined for just 4 points in the 4th.

Jermaine O'Neal looks "Mikki Moore bad." His line: 2 points, 2 rebounds and 6 fouls in 12 minutes.

As for the positive, Glen Davis had 14 points, 5 rebounds in 33 minutes. Kevin Garnett (9 points, 15 rebounds) looked explosive (at times) on the boards.

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  • I don’t know how I knew, but I had a phone convo w/a friend before the game and said “Who do they have? The only guy(s) we have to worry about is JJ Hickson. And maybe Jamison.” Whatever. I’ll let this whole loss go and cop-out and say the young Cavs were hungrier. Sure, there were some awful calls, but I’m worried about only one thing. 19 turnovers. If we are still talking about turnovers 2 or 3 months from now, this team could be in trouble. But for now, we’re 1-1. So are the Heat.

  • ILG

    Don’t forget we lost to the Nets last year. Then we laughed about it in June.

  • jared

    Yeah I was totally freakin out over that BS clock keeper. gave him a solid 2 count, the made shot clearly swinging the momentum. This in no way absolves the C’s for their poor play. At this point I think it would be a good idea to give some of JO’s minutes to Erden, see what happens, because JO looks lost out there. Also, they really need to focus on getting interior scoring towards the end of games, particularly against teams that lack size.

  • nick

    Classic trap game.. 2nd night of a back to back check. Cavs home-opener, check. Entire franchise, city and region embracing as 1 do to cold shoulder and ultimate betrayal Lebron put on them, check. Insane crowd and emotions running high since they know this is as good as it could get for them this year, check. I’m not worried at all. We have a fucking ALL-STAR team and we just needa work out some kinks right now, we will be A-OK, and whether we are the #1 or #8 seed come playoff time we will be ready for 18.

  • BamaCeltic

    we are so wishy washy ….we can look so dominant at times and so weak other times…how many games do have big leads and thne let a team get back in it …sometimes we pull it out ,other times we dont …either way its killer to a die hard fans heart !!! come on Celts !! put teams away for goodness sake !!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Dan Gilbert was right?!
    Okay, so we’re still lookin at 81-1, right?

  • JoeRemembers

    Save yourselves the heartache. Understand right now that the Celtics are WAY overrated, their best days now more than 2 years old. Any team that wants to can and will beat them. Why? Because the Celtics have no heart.
    They proved it last year when, for reasons still unclear, they played Game 6 of the Finals — the FINALS, mind you — like it didn’t matter. Like they WANTED to lose. That was the last time I gave a damn about this team. Now there’s nothing left but scorn and cynicism.
    These overpaid millionaires do NOT care about winning or losing… they care about getting paid. As a result, they will lose. And because they’re so old and near retirement anyway — THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN. Neither should you.
    Don’t be a sucker like you were last year. Give it up. Laugh at these losers, and at yourself for ever caring WHAT they do. This is a LOSING TEAM. They’ll be lucky to break .500 and get skin-deep in the playoffs. This is my prediction right now. And an easy to one to make. No heart = loser in this game.

  • Nickels

    The one thing I will never question is the C’s heart (especially KG).

  • GreenBlood

    Enjoy your Nets team going for a trip to the lotteries. Celtics way overrated and no heart? Hahahaha Ok let’s get back at this comment come June. It’s not like the Celtics are the one being anointed as Champions without having played a game. You obviously dont know jack sh!t. Btw welcome back to the real world. How was your stay under that rock?


    Dunno how long u took to write that (probably about 45 minutes or so…) but it was a complete waste of time.

  • PPsucks


  • JoeRemembers

    lol. (btw, what does your name mean??) Why do you think it took a long time to write that? Did the Cs’ fans lose their minds when the Cs lost their heart???

  • ShawnCVD

    Not sure how many more time the C’s play Cleveland?

  • ShawnCVD

    His name is a long story and a shot at another poster. He’s a big time Celts’ fan though.

  • ShawnCVD

    Celtics shat the bed with a game that doesn’t matter in grand scope of things. Like KWAPT said keep the turn overs down and the C’s win that game. The Cavs look well coached though.
    Oh yeah and Mo Williams needs a punch in the face! I can’t stand that cocky bastard.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Yes, but we don’t wanna go through another nightmare like last regular season.
    Yesterday it looked just like 1 year ago: people on and off, lack of convinction, strenght and no killer instinct against a mediocre team.
    Question: what in the world J. O’neal was yesterday?

  • NineSevenEight

    C’s need to take care of the ball and get better position around the basket to prevent giving opponents extra shot opportunities. It looked like they thought they could just walk in a win without trying hard.

  • semiherden4mvp

    @joeremembers you are an idiot. I can’t stand when people say cliche crap about sports teams with no real basis. If the team had no heart or drive and they were just playing for money then they wouldn’t be together dipshit. Paul would be making more money else where, Ray also. Doc would be at his kids games. And JO And Shaq would be elsewhere. Its quite clear that you spoke directly out of your ass. Next time you have another misinformed, ill thought out opinion, do us a favor and dont share.


    Make sure u keep coming back here – only on losses though…I’m sure it’ll be well worth wasting some more of your time writing crap on a site where no one gives a fat f$%^ about u.

  • JoeRemembers

    I wrote here when they won too, btw. Pretty much the same stuff, tho 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement… Warms my heart to know I am so well-loved. Will definitely keep writing now!

  • JoeRemembers

    Then explain Game 6 of the Finals for me. Do that and I am ready to admit I am wrong. They played Game 6 like they WANTED TO LOSE. Like it didn’t matter at all. Then they cried like babies when, *GASP*, the other team happened to win Game 7. The 2008 team would NEVER have done that. They went into their Game 6 and BLEW IT OUT.
    Explanation: Between 2008 and 2010, this team lost its heart. They have nothing left now but a few more millions to make. They PROVED it last year, and I have seen nothing so far to prove otherwise.