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Opening Night Intros From the Garden

Every season the exceptional members of the Celtics media production staff puts together quite an impressive array of videos for the team's introduction.  Since the New Big 3 Era began in 2007, they have gone above and beyond.  Last night was no exception.

I posted this earlier to my youtube account, but here is the live video from last night's intros:


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  • That was fantastic last night. A little strange hearing “Shaquille O’Neal!!”, but nonetheless still fantastic. Those Flip cameras have great quality too.

  • DH

    Thanks so much for posting this video for all of us Celtics fans that no longer live in the Boston area and can’t make it to home games! I was curious to see what the intro video would be like for this year.
    The Jumbotron’s picture was a bit blurry for me, but I assume it was KG doing the screaming like past years? What was he saying at around 24 seconds into the video? It sounded like “revenge” but I think my ears could be deceiving me.

  • Anyone got a link to a site to watch the game?

  • nycsfan

    What a disgrace tonight they should be mortified by the way they played . They lose to the cavs without mo williams or the king.The celts are overated!

  • KG says “DEFENSE” and Pierce says “CELTICS”