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Enemy Chatter: What happened to Chris Bosh in this one?

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I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.

While Dwyane Wade has a good excuse as to why his game wasn't anywhere near as good as it will be once he's is back to 100%, I'd like to know what happened to Chris Bosh in this one.  He finished with just 8 points (on 3-of-11 shooting) and 8 boards but was noticeably unnoticeable throughout the entire game.  He was probably my biggest disappointing surprise out of all the negatives from the Heat, but for now lets just chalk it up to one bad game. 

Another guy who was pretty non-existent was Carlos Arroyo.  He played just 13 minutes and hit 1-of-3 from the field, with no rebounds, no assists, no steals…no nothing.

Peninsula is Mightier

Hmm. What made Chris Bosh struggle? Could it be that he's a guy used to dominating the ball and that it's tough to find a rhythm when you are option #3? Or could it be that he's one to turtle when the spotlight hits?

Joel Anthony and Carlos Arroyo are not the answer in the starting lineup. They would be fine playing in the second unit with Bosh as the primary option while the other starters rest. Chalmers’ return does not inspire much confidence that this will improve matters. Anthony faded fast after grabbing 5 quick rebounds at the outset of the game but was manhandled in the paint trying to get position on Boston’s bigs….

Yes, the Heat are undersized and have weak point guards and it showed against the Celtics. Most nights this won’t matter against lesser teams. But lesser teams don’t get to play in the postseason. The Heat just might be active until the trade deadline to try to address this.

Hot Hot Hoops

This just in… the Heat have no point guard, no bigs and no bench. I'm not sure why this is news to Heat bloggers. It's been talked about all summer.

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  • larry

    well, this is the result one team being better than the other team.!mostly on the defesive side of the ball..boston is loaded with big play players, where miami has a few players that are big time players, period.!

  • larry


  • “Yes, the Heat are undersized and have weak point guards and it showed against the Celtics” Like Duh!!! What u just found that out. Loojk @ NBA.com and u would have seen that by looking at their roster

  • KY Celts fan

    Bosh always gets manhandled by the Celtics. Sheed reveled in it last year. So it should be no surprise what happened to him last night. He’ll be much better tonight going against the Sixers.

  • BradysSlamPigs

    HAHAHAH, Just read some of the comments on the Peninsula is Mightier blog and can not stop laughing. The Heat fans are saying becuase they only lost by 8 they should be happy. They were essentially man handled the whole game expect for that third quarter where Lebron does his typical one man show (Funny how times have not changed since Cleveland). I also saw a couple comments about the Refs (pretty sure they seemed to favor the Heat, maybe I watched a different game.) Also, a bunch of people claiming the PP injury was faked once again. HAHAHA Haters are gonna hate!

  • Last week you could have gotten 10-1 on the celtics winning it all, now it’s only 7-1.

  • KY Celts fan

    I never understand the “fake injury” and “wheelchair” comments. No one has ever been able to explain to me how faking an injury is beneficial.

  • Why are we even playing out the season? The Heat “already won, they already won, they don’t need no games mayne they already won.”

  • Thank you for linking my work. The Heat’s weakness at point guard and center are certainly not news to me by any measure. I’ve been writing about it all summer and I’ll continue to address it after the first regular season game. Just because I mentioned it now does not mean this is the first time I’ve noticed it. I’ve also pointed out that the Bulls with Jordan and Pippen also had their weakest spots at point guard and center.

  • John

    Naturally the Heat should look to be active around the trade deadline, but what assets do they have? Chalmers? They probably aren’t willing to part with Miller or Haslem. They also have no picks available. I don’t see how they upgrade unless it comes from a bought out player that becomes a playoff rental, a la PJ Brown or Marbury. They need to be patient and use their exceptions to build a surrounding roster, and that is under the condition that exceptions exist in the new CBA. I know it’s only one game, but it’s hard not to get ahead of ourselves and say this may not be the dynasty we all anticipated.