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Your Morning Dump… Where the wait is nearly over

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

In fact, the Celtics almost seem to enjoy the fact that Miami has taken the giant bull's-eye that otherwise would have been on Boston's back. When else could a championship-caliber team add the pieces Boston did — particularly the larger-than-life personality of Shaq — and not be the biggest story of the offseason?

But Miami's moves were so grand in nature — and so over-the-top in presentation — that they masked what the Celtics (and even the two-time defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers) did to reload this offseason.

Which is why Garnett snapped a bit when a reporter repeatedly inquired about the Heat and their "retooling" in the days leading up to Tuesday's opener.

"Who cares?" said Garnett. "We did some retooling ourselves."

ESPN Boston – Celtics say they can go deep with Heat

It's been one loooong off-season. At least it was entertaining.

This question came up during last night's live chat on – Is this the most highly anticipated regular season opener in the history of the NBA?

While some of the younger bloggers were hesitant to say yes (out of respect for what they failed to witness in the 70s and 80s), my answer was a resounding – Yes.

Which team has more to prove? The Heat. The pressure on LeBron is magnificent. The pressure on the Heat's Big Three to look like a smooth unit is nearly equal.

The sports book at the MGM has the Heat a 1 point favorite.

Fueled by what will be a ravenous Garden crowd, I like the Celtics by a handful. Because as KG said – they've done some retooling too.

On Page 2, the inactives for tonight's game.

In advance of opening night, the NBA had teams submit rosters with inactive lists. The Boston Celtics have designated dinged-up rookies Avery Bradley (ankle) and Semih Erden (shoulder), along with recuperating center Kendrick Perkins (knee) as the team's three inactives.

Boston will play the first 10 games of the season with only 11 active bodies due to the suspension of guard Delonte West.

Miami designated Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, and Dexter Pittman as its inactives for opening night.

Aren't Chalmers and Miller supposed to be two of the Heat's biggest role players? Look for the Celtics second unit to run wild.

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  • thetitleisours

    Our bench will be the difference maker tonight

  • NineSevenEight

    Our bench will be the difference maker on many nights!

  • Can’t Wait! The workday will be a long one as I count down the hours till tipoff 🙁

  • greenbeand

    the heat want nothing to do with a series vs the celts

  • JD

    Miller is injured and won’t be playing anyway

  • Like Tommy said all preseason – if the big guys get out and run with Rondo, we’ll be tough to beat…big guys running the floor leads to:
    Celtics layups
    Ray and Paul 3’s
    Heat fouls

  • Robby C

    Celtics by 15. Our starting 5 can keep pace with theirs, but our bench will run roughshod over theirs and may be able to contain their starters for periods while Miami tries to ride them to overcompensate for lack of bench. No Mike Miller for Miami and the lack of playing time together for Miami’s 3 factors in greatly as well. It will not be close.

  • 46 minutes in and I’ve done NOTHING work related, lol

  • Got up, Just finished my cornbeef Hash, over medium eggs, toast and some rolling rock!!!!. Getting ready to hop in the shower, shave get dressed and put in Celtic Pride with a 2 4 packs of Guinness. Today IS GREAT DAY GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G4L

    24 pack?! Taking it easy tonight. Haha

  • G4L

    Got my Redsarmy shirt and Perkins Jersy on at work… I’m READY!!

  • mileke

    at school wearing green in Honor of the CELTICS ”its all about faith, its all about team, its all about heart, its all about 18” Lets Go CELTICS, please prove tonight that we are still the eastern conference champions.. again ”we strive to be the best when underestimated” Good Luck, And Lets Get This Win, Will Be Tuning In Tonite, In All Green Screaming To The Top Of My Lungs !

  • two 4 packs not a 24 pack that would kill even me. sorry for the confusion the rolling rock has me a little buzzy GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if get the chance try wild turkey honey MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • BradysSlamPigs

    LETS GO C’s. Living in Tampa at the moment and its funny seeing all these people hop on the Lebron Meat Wagon. The Heat will get owned by the C’s tonight, you can put that on my grave.

  • Celtic pride is over time to grab some lunch atthe irish pub, beer count 3 RollingRock 6 Irish stout
    GO CELTICS!!!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Guinness is food!
    hey everyone, opening night is finally here, and like alot of you, I’m not getting any work done. This is gonna be one helluva season. GO GREEN!