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Recap: Pierce, Ray save the day

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The greatest team in the history of the NBA got a rude wake-up call tonight in the Garden.

The Celtics smacked around the Heat (for most of the night) in the 88-80 victory.

Yes, the Celtics pissed away a 19 point lead in the 3rd quarter and 13 point lead with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter (I reached level 7 on the nervous meter). But Paul Pierce (11 of his 18 points in the 4th) and Ray Allen (20 points, clutch 3-pointer with :49 seconds left) wouldn't allow this team to lose.

The defense was awesome. Miami had 9 points in the 1st quarter, shot 26% FG in the first half and 37% FG for the game.

Rondo (4 pts, 5 reb, 17 assists) was a brilliant playmaker. He got Shaq (18 minutes, 9 points, 7 rebounds) involved early by setting up a couple of dunks.

The bench was fantastic. Glen Davis led the way with 13 points (6-7 FG), 5 rebounds in 29 minutes. Quis had 8 points on 4-5 FG. Jermaine O'Neal blocked 2 shots.

LeBron James had 15 of his 31 points in the 3rd quarter. He single-handedly erased the Celtics 19 point lead. Dwyane Wade (13 points, 4-16 FG) was awful. Did Chris Bosh play?

Except for the two atrocious blocking calls on Paul Pierce, I thought the officiating was decent. There was only one technical foul (Miami bench).

Pierce left the game in the 3rd quarter with back spasms after getting steamrolled by LeBron. He returned and buried clutch shot after clutch shot.

More to come…

Box Score | Recap

Craig Sager: Are the Heat the team to beat in the East?

Rondo: I think we are.

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  • We bad!!!!

  • UhOh!!

    KG was a force defensively!!! but it seems like he was playing too fast sometimes

  • jim

    If they had Amare we would be in trouble!!

  • KY Celts fan

    Big Three awesome as usual. But most impressive was Quis! Damn was on top of it tonight!

  • mileke

    Yea QUIS Shocked Me Big Time… Loved The CELTICS Play Though We Gave Up A Nineteen Point Lead,, Do Ya’ll Really Think The HEAT Was Goin To Go The Whole Game Without Making At Least One RUN, So I Kinda Expected The COMEBACK, DEFENSE Was Atrocious, SSHAQ Dominant, The Big Three Impressed Me Two, With All Three In Double Digit Scoring, VERY GOOD WIN CELTICS && Now Time For CLEVELAND!!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Great win, Quisy was awesome. Plenty of room to get better for both teams, but the C’s looked more cohesive.
    Painful being on this side of Shaq’s free-throw shooting.

  • Great night at the Garden. MAN I’m exhausted. Crowd was great. I was very impressed w/Quisy and Baby. They were both great off the bench. Ray was clutch as usual. More from me in the a.m.

  • Good start

  • paul

    I agree 100 percent, he looked great on the defense but rushed on the offensive end. I will say though that he looks way better than last year, his energy and confidence is way up

  • glad you mentioned the rondo-craig sager moment at the end.
    i absolutely loved rondo’s answer, and the way he handled the question. it wasnt just him saying i think we are, but he had to hold back from cracking a smile when saying it
    the heat don’t have what it takes to beat the celtics, they want to be given a title and the celtics sure as hell aren’t giving it to them

  • ShawnCVD


  • ShawnCVD

    Agreed which is why I’m happy when Shaq draws those early fouls in a quarter so the C’s get in the penalty quicker.

  • Amare at least has some individuality and self-respect.
    If i were in his situation i wouldn’t have signed with the Heat either. He has al the spot-light, more money, more stat in New York that has the potential to add more pieces.
    Celtics have no reason to fear the knicks. Amare doesn’t rebound

  • ShawnCVD

    Miami could be a game over .500 by weeks end. This could also be the only time they’re under .500 for the year…
    Truth was super efficient. 19 point on 7(yes SEVEN) shots, 9 rebounds and 3 assists.
    Lebrick with the hero ball again (and with Flash rusty it’s hard to blame him – he has no teammates).
    If Rondo could go for around 15 assists per game with well under 10 points…
    I love this team. The bench will have 1-3 heroes per night and I feel this team will win 60 games this year. Go Green!

  • “We already won, we already won, we don’t need no games cause we already won”
    They are going to have to work even harder to get 80 wins now. And for the 3rd year in a row the C’s spoil Lebron’s season opener.

  • JoeRemembers

    I wouldn’t be so pleased with this win. Celtics played what could be right NOW — and I mean JUST now — one of the worst teams in the NBA. DWade was completely out of it, they’ve got key guys missing, and they’re just starting to move toward working as a team. And yet, Cs almost gave the game away, relying in the end on Ray’s shooting. How many times has Ray MISSED those “game-winners”?
    I remember, boys. I remember really, really clearly — how these same Celtics gave Game 6 away with their ridiculous, overweening hubris. How Ray missed everything in sight when it counted most. I remember, and I do not forgive. They played us for fools and suckers last year… but not again. Celtics SUCK right now. I expect they will SUCK for the rest of this year. I see nothing to lead me to believe otherwise. If/when I do, I’ll let ya know. Till then, the Green is just another bunch of overpaid losers.

  • AMP

    I guess you didn’t catch the game…

  • ShawnCVD

    Alright so eff off if you’re writing off this team. It’s hard for any team to go all the way. Last time I checked the Green has reached the Finals in two of the last three years. I too never forget. Based on the assembled team I like their chances and looking forward to following them all year.

  • lebron’slittlebrotherdelontejames

    players can say what they want but the new tech rule is awsome finally i can watxch a game without superstars being able to bitch at the refs, it changes how the game is played even with paul pierce u could see a few of his fake give me the calls moves and the refs didn’t react paul pierce usually would argue the call with the ref but instead he just kept playing like he should the nba should keep this rule and enforce it