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Previews a plenty

RedsArmyAdmin October 26, 2010 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Previews a plenty

Do you like your previews Delonte-rap free?  Then we've got a few for you. 

WEEI asked bloggers for every team to give a little preview… and they finished with a bunch of us C's bloggers giving our opinions.  Here's mine:

With all the talk of what other teams have done this offseason, few people have paid a lot of attention to the fact that the Celtics — a team that was within four minutes of a title — addressed their two most pressing needs: Size and depth.

Now, the Boston Celtics boast what is probably the deepest team in the NBA.

Fast forward to the playoffs – since it would take the most catastrophic of events for this team to miss the playoffs – and the C’s will start their usual rotation of Rajon RondoRay AllenPaul Pierce, KG and Perk.

That means you have Shaq, Jermaine O’Neal, Glen Davis, Delonte West, Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels coming off the bench.

A team of those six guys would challenge for the last playoff spot in the East … and they’re backing up a starting five that, as Doc Rivers loves to say, still hasn’t lost a playoff series.

The Celtics’ team chemistry has been remarkable. So, questions as to whether these guys can coexist are already answered.

They matched up well against most Eastern teams already, so the added size will only give the C’s more guys to throw at Dwight Howard.

The added depth will be able to keep up with Chicago or Atlanta. And the combined size and depth are the perfect counter to a heavily front-loaded Heat team.

Ultimately, this Celtics team has too much for the rest of the league. Even if a couple of guys get banged up, they have the depth to overcome it and properly rest guys for the playoffs.

Miami will be really good. The Celtics — with their experience, depth and size — will be just a little better, and they’ll get that 18th banner this year.

Follow this link to get previews from some of the best C's bloggers out there.  Furthermore, at the top of the post there are links to blogger previews for all the other NBA teams.  

Also, after the jump, the last of the blogger previews compiled by Celtics Blog

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  • watch ed the larry Legend video I love watching him dump 60 on the hawks. great video finshed 4 more miller lites bringing the total 14 i think my math be fuzzy well I’m going to shower and head to see you on the callin show
    great you to clip
    GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait for the fans wearing Delonte West masks. That’s pure genius.

  • Those previews are a little too rosey in my book.
    “Ultimately, this Celtics team has too much for the rest of the league. Even if a couple of guys get banged up, they have the depth to overcome it and properly rest guys for the playoffs”
    Too much for the Lakers, SA Spurs, Dallas Mavs, CHIcago Bulls, Orlando Magic. PLEASE!!!!!!