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Curse On LeBron?

Aaron Gettings October 26, 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Curse On LeBron?

Voodoo-doll Via

Rover, host of the syndicated Rover's Morning Glory program, based at Clear Channel Rocker has hired a WMMS/CLEVELAND, witch doctor to place a curse on Miami Heat star LeBron James the morning of the HEAT’s season opener, this morning at 8a. Rover says the curse is payback for "the insensitive, pompous way JAMES abandoned the Cleveland Caveliers."

The witch doctor will use bones, blood, and JAMES' Miami Heat jersey to place a hex on the star live on the air. Rover will ask all CLEVELAND-area listeners of the show, to simultaneously focus all their negative energy towards JAMES during the ceremony.

So, I guess we have that going for us now.

I have no idea what type of curse this "witch doctor" is putting on LeBron.  But I do know that involves bones and blood, (and basketball jerseys), so I don't think their intention is for him to stub his toe checking in at the scorer's table.

Not to get all serious — I know that this is a morning radio show, and while I don't have the statistics in front of me, I doubt the ratio of successful-to-failed radio hexes is particularly high — I can't get behind trying to harm LeBron; no matter how egotistical and arrogant he may be.

Let's save these airwave hexes for the true villians of the world and beat LeBron the old-fashioned way: tough D, solid rotations, and forcing him to take jumpers.

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  • back from pub had some shepards pie 3 miller lights, 1 wild turkey honey and 2 sam adams Irish red makin the count 13 i a’m home now. I will put in the Larry legend DVD and watch both discs drink some more beer and head to chappy’s at 6:30 anyone is welcome to join me GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BradysSlamPigs

    Damn the Jester doesn’t mess around. Wish I had the day off cause I would be doing the same exact thing! GO C’s!!!