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Paul Pierce and his “geyser” knee


Via's Jackie MacMullan:

The first sign of trouble was a sore knee that wouldn't respond to treatment and forced Pierce to undergo "minor" surgery on Dec. 23, 2009, to clean out an infection. Doctors warned him that fluid would build up in the repaired knee, but Pierce wasn't expecting to have it drained nearly every week. Sometimes, Pierce said, the knee would "pop open," squirting foul liquid across the locker room.

"If you are interested, I have the video to prove it," he said.

It happened moments before the Celtics took the court for a Jan. 29 game at Atlanta, and, to the horror of his teammates, Pierce cleaned himself (and his uniform) up to the best of his ability, then went out and dropped 35 points on the Hawks in a team-high 37 minutes.

And so it went for the next three months, as Pierce's "geyser" knee often erupted without warning. The release of the fluid helped the flexibility in the joint, but also prevented him from rehabilitating the injury properly.

Squirting foul liquid out of your knee before a game? And then dropping 35 points? Pierce is one tough bastard.

Talk of Pierce's ability to fight through injury sparked a Twitter debate between myself. Jon Duke of Celtics Stuff Live, John, Mr. Triple Double and CeltsFan 33. Duke has Pierce as the all-time toughest Celtics player. The rest of us are going with Bird.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Pierce is a warrior. As was Bird. As was McHale.

  • Jason

    How do you get stabbed nearly to death, come back playing in short order and EVER lose a “who is tougher” debate?

  • mollysdaddy

    What about Russ? Throwing up before each game. Playing in the finals when he couldn’t feel his legs. The “cage matches” where you’d get stuck with hat pins if you got too close to the crowd.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    I believe Kobe also had his knee drained last year after the OKC series and then he went on his way to win a second consecutive championship in a row and second finals MVP in a row – With a broken finger

  • Paul

    I thought something was up with his knees. At the Open Practice, his legs were wrapped up like a mummy.

  • jared

    One tough SOB, that Paul Pierce.

  • to be fair… I’m not picking one or the other as the toughest. They’ve both reached a level where you can’t clearly pick one over the other.

  • ShawnCVD

    Hey Kobe’s tough…no one’s denying that…you gotta be to beat a rape rap.

  • Warren Shelmidine

    Easy to forget how the old timers played. Travel crappy locker rooms, 2 bit motels ect. Since the mid 70’s that has changed, To think any player now is as tough as any then is a guess at best. Give me Cousy Russ Hondo the Jones, Ramsey, Locsy, Howell, Satch and any of the old timers any day of the week when it comes to tough.

  • mileke

    Long AS PIERCE Progress, #JustAskin, Im Not Sayin Pierce Is Tougher Than KOBE, But Why Are LAKER Fans Always On Here Comparing Themselves To US?? Like Damn Get A Life…

  • The Truth

    Paul Pierce throws the Kid lakers flag across the room here’s the link and quote
    Paul Pierce was out to lunch at Johnny Rockets in his native Los Angeles this past summer when he noticed a young man come in, buy a burger, and do a double-take when he spotted the Celtics star. Instead of approaching Pierce, the teenager quickly dashed out of the restaurant.
    Pierce wasn’t sure why the kid was in such a hurry — until he returned about 10 minutes later.
    “He came back with the biggest Lakers flag I’ve ever seen,” Pierce said. “Asked me to sign it. I snatched that thing from him and threw it [across the room].”

  • The Truth
  • greenbeand

    the other kicker is that hospital later added a wing and named it pp

  • I`ve seen and heard of similarsimilar. It`s like the person is rotting from the inside. Really nasty. It`s really cool to see it gush out. Like popping a zit

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    It’s obvious Pierce isn’t tough, he needs to a wheelchair to leave the court

  • ShawnCVD

    Love that story…