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LeBron James new commercial

Chuck - Red's Army October 25, 2010 Uncategorized 17 Comments on LeBron James new commercial

Update: Nike has enabled its embed feature.

Click here to watch LeBron James' new Nike commercial "Rise." (Nike disabled the embed feature on its YouTube page.)

It's a cool commercial and worth 90 seconds of your time.

My interpretation of the ad: It's my life, leave me the hell alone. I can't please everyone.

The photo below is a screen grab from the part where James takes a few shots at Charles Barkley.


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  • Jason

    Oh my god this is so pathetic.
    What should you do?
    The guy’s an AMAZING athlete and basketball player. But what a basket case in terms of personal and professional decision making. Holy crap what poser this guy is. How can you be that gifted and still so unbelievably fragile and needy.

  • I personally dig the ad.
    He’s right. His message is fine. Granted he screwed up quite a bit early this summer. And we gave him hell for it (I’m not saying it was undeserved). Maybe someday he will realize most of us weren’t upset that he chose the HEAT, just that he was an insensitive ass who made a spectacle of himself and nationally embarrassed his biggest fans (not sure how likely that is). But that chapter is done and over, and THANK GOD we can go back to watching these guys beat the hell out of each other on the court starting tomorrow.
    Two words: DON JOHNSON

  • jim

    he is trying to hard

  • Jason

    And exactly what is his message? That he’s not a role model? What a freaking cop out. I want to be a global icon, love me, follow me, witness me, pay me. Oh, wait, I did something you don’t like. Um. Er. Well. Let’s see. Hrmmph. Too bad. I’m not role model; deal with it.
    Are you serious? The guy is clueless up and down and this ad is further proof.

  • chris

    cool ad actually

  • Jason

    Even if the idea alone wasn’t “The Decision”-level atrocious, the actual execution is awful as well. It looks like a 10-year-old Slim Shady video rip off. It’s DEFCON Level 1 desperate from top to bottom.

  • Love the ad, busting on chuck and Don Johnson is in it. good recovery. gets 2 thumbs up from me!!!!!

  • D

    Jason, 100% agree with you. Not sure why out of all the things Lebron does, that this is cool? I want my 90 seconds back

  • steveb

    I still don’t like him but the ad was well done, whatever the message may be.

  • Nike does the best commercials-period.

  • G4L

    I love it!

  • jared

    Hey Cleveland, let me remind you how I ripped your heart out in an attempt to sell sneakers.
    This guy is straight garbage.
    The folks at DS compared it to the ultra-off putting Tiger and his Dead Dad commercial.
    Can anyone imagine a guy like Paul Pierce or Durant pulling some BS like this?
    What a complete whore-out.

  • Viva

    that JUST DO IT in the end comes like STFU on all of his previous questions. I like the ad, and stil don’t like James. Also I’m clueless about the message, but honestly, who cares…

  • ShawnCVD

    The HOF part sucks…Miami Vice part rules…hey Bron Bron if your friends advised you this past Summer abso-friggin-lutely stop listening to them. Slick ad for poor Mr Millionaire Clueless Wanna BE Bad Boy James.
    PS the bulldozer part is appropriate with all those bricks he’ll be laying tomorrow.

  • Jason,
    the message isn’t that lebron isn’t a role model, that was a rip on charles barkley who notoriously said “i’m not paid to be a role model” after one of his many controversies during the 90s. what he is trying to say (i believe successfully) is that he made his “(the) decision” and now he (and everyone else) has to live with it. that said, he isn’t going to live his life for anyone else. this is sort of redundant to me, since taking his talents to south beach sort of tipped most people off to that fact already, but he obviously thought (or in this case maybe it’s more likely that nike thought it) that he needed to reiterate the idea that he is his own man and he will not be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do.
    i agree with the sentiment most have expressed; lebron is a phenomenon on the hardwood, but comes across as kind of a jerk everywhere else. that said, i couldn’t give a crap less where he decided to play, it was the fact that he decided to turn himself into such a spectacle this past summer that pissed me off. he’s still a young guy and i think that he is just an incredibly immature kid, but can you really blame him??? since he was like 16 everyone has been lining up to tell him how awesome he is, by 18 he had more money than god, and he has been walking around ohio being worshiped for the last 7 years… what would any of us be like in that situation?
    moral of the story is, lebron doesn’t give a crap what any of us think about his decision. the irony is that this ad and everything else about him seems to show that he desperately wants to be liked, or maybe he just needs his q score to go up so he can sell more sneakers?

  • mileke

    And He’s aching for attention huh ? nobody gives a damn what you should do, but what you need to do is shut yo damn mouth, you talk too damn much, who gives a damn how you feel cause apparently you didnt give a damn about your poor cleveland fans, just shut the hell up and move on with your life and stop tryna make people feel sorry for you and understand why you did what you did cause we never will, nor do we give a damn, you made your decision and now its over “take” yo “talents to South Beach” and shut up already, shouldnt you be worried bout these “7 rings” you bringing to MIAMI? You shouldnt be goin back and forth with fans, just do what you gone do damn, with yo smart ass, and how are you not a role model if you live your life infront of cameras? and takin shots at BARKLEY thats just childish cause he was all for what you were doin in CLEVELAND even though 4 seasons in a row you didnt live up to your expectations, so thats childish games, but uhhh have a nice life and good luck on them rings too !

  • lainok

    Long time lebron hater, and whatever ad team came up with thing are geniuses. The best thing for his image other than apologizing would have been to acknowledge the circus that is his life.