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Join us tonight for CSNNE’s “The Basketball Show”

We're very happy to be part of Comcast SportsNet's 90-minute Celtics extravaganza tonight called "The Basketball Show."  

A dual television/internet experience begins tonight at 7pm.  Here's how CSNNE describes it:

Our entire broadcast team and online team join forces to take your calls for 90-minutes on the eve of the highly anticipated season opener with the Heat. Fans can call into the show and ask the panel questions, or join us right here on for a Live Chat.

We'll be part of the on-line chat… but Chuck and I will be at the Burlington studios for it.  We want all of you to join in, and tune in, as we get ourselves ready for the big season opener.

We'll see you tonight at 7.

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  • It would be really nice for those of us out of state if they’d also stream this online. Doubt it would happen, but it would be nice.

  • That would be cool..But I guess at least you can take part of the live online chat…I’ll def be checking this out guys..

  • D

    anyone read this quote from Chris Bosh? wtf.
    “They’re supposed to hate you,” Miami forward Chris Bosh said after Sunday’s practice when asked what reception he expects the Heat to receive at TD Garden on Tuesday night. “You’re the opposing team. And, it’s Boston. They hate people a little bit more than usual cities.”

  • That’s kinda funny, since I don’t care one way or another for Bosh, though I’m amused to see that some writers seem to think he’s the better player at the 4 than KG. I could be wrong, but hasn’t KG pretty much owned Bosh over their careers?

  • G4L

    This is awesome. I’ll try to tune in!

  • G4L

    I take it as a compliment.