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Heat and Celtics: “Unscripted”

"You know what's crazy man..? This training camp has some of the same energy as '07'"-Kevin Garnett

That was The Big Ticket speaking on this year's Celtics training camp during last night's premiere of "Unscripted".

Unscripted is a new show from NBAtv that follows NBA squads behind the scenes. Last night's inaugural edition, which I really enjoyed, focused on the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. It chronicled each team's summer; including Boston's heartbreaking loss in the Finals, and the 3-ring circus that Miami has become since the signing of Lebron James. (and that other guy)

The real reason I posted this clip though is for the scene that takes place at 4:40. The narrator speaks about the Game 7 loss to the Lakers, and then Allen, Pierce and Garnett go into just what that loss really meant-and how much of a motivator it has become.

Look closely at the Big 3 during that moment-you can see it in their eyes. They are all still very hungry. That one shot of the three of them together, and the look in their eyes speaks volumes. They know that the door is still open. Ever so slightly maybe, but open none the less. Doc, the Big 3, and the new allies that have joined them this offseason know that together, they can win another title. And tomorrow night, the journey begins…

(thanks to 9NAXXX9 for this clip)


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  • Celts r on borrowed time. They reached the Finals because of Luck of facing a one-dimensional team and another thjat was too confident for its own good.

  • larry

    that’s like saying, the lakers won the championship because the other teams starting center got hurt.

  • Lee in Oregon

    hey loser, I just checked out your shitty blog (3 minutes I’ll never get back)……I would have left a comment but I didnt want to spoil your perfect record of no comments ever.
    Nice job of balancing your crappy takes with the obvious 2+2=4 stuff you read somewhere else, possibly in SI for Kids.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Hey dumb dumb, shut up, you’re dumb.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Obviously this was pointed towards jtshoopsblog aka dumbdumb aka possible future troll.

  • ShawnCVD


  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Those aren’t the eyes of hunger. Those are the eyes of worry. They KNOW they are on borrowed time and they KNOW they have a tougher Miami team and a tougher Laker team that they can’t beat in a 7 game series

  • ShawnCVD

    Stop…every team has it’s faults. Magic could be a tougher out for Boston than either team you mentioned. You call Boston this and that yet the Heat have oft-injured Mike Miller recovering from surgery until January and when will Bynum be cleared to play this season? Thanks Giving?
    Without depth the Heat have NO chance this year. Without Bynum or if Kobe doesn’t hold up the Fakers are done. Also if too many Celts are injured it won’t be their year either. But I like the Celtics chances MUCH more than anyone else.

  • mileke

    Well I Loved the video, and at you who keep sayin ”the celtics are on borrowed time” then why are you wasting your time on this site? gtf… we beat a team that didnt have no depth, a team that froze up as usual, and a team that got overly comfortable, and came 3 mins into beating a team that dominated the paint, but i will say that wont happen this year with so much depth at every position, and bring up age if you want to cause experience, beats talent and we’ve proven that too many times no need to argue though, good post KWPAT i really like it !

  • whoa I struck a cord with u Celtic fans. Yah`ll can say what u want but u have to admit it is true. The Celtics will only go as far as Pierce, Allen and KG are going to take them. And that won`t be too as the way those three have been wearing down.
    I`m still mad at the Orlando magic for beaten beaten by such as INFERIOR team.

  • No, in fact the Lakers faced probably stiffer competition than the Celtics. Their first round matchup with the Thunder was more competitive than the Eastern conference games the C’s played with the magic

  • TY for wasting ur 3 minutes, but even u have to agree that the Celts r wearing down. It’ll be like how Bird, Parish, and Mchale wore down and dragged their team down with them.

  • If u read my preview on the heat. i bashed Lebron and co. too. I even threw a few jabs at Pat riley too 🙂

  • fick

    Screw the haters. Celtic Pride, baby. I fricking LOVE this team.

  • Mileke

    We Been Stopped Depending On Pierce, Ray, And Garnett, Its About TEAM!!! Their Not All We Have, Of Course Their Important But They Dont Have To Play The Big Minutes That They Used To…. We Have Threats Outside Of Them, And With Them At Good Health Who Can Stop Us??? You Can Look At Our Roster If You HAve Any Ques. About Our Other Threats…

  • I don not know whether to say Celtic fans r the most devoted or the most delusional. Look at their team!!!! Do they have any interior presence other than Garnett and two washed up All stars? NO!!!!!! Rajon Rondo is good, but would have he been any good without the big three. Doubt it. If they were gone, he’d be like devin harris of the Net– a good player on a crappy team.

  • Nota

    Seems to me its you triolls that are worried about their teams chances against the Celtics otherwise why come here? You are only showing everybody your worry

  • Nota

    Orelando lost because they are clearly inferior and it was proven easily. You enjoy the Magic who are champions of nothing more then…preseason

  • Let`s get something straight. I don`t hate the Celtics. In fact on my blog the Celtics r the fifth best team in the league. However, I am much more objective as I can see the fear and desperation set in the Green machine. They`ll do anything to remain remotely relevant.

  • ShawnCVD

    OMFG you are such a tool! Your analysis is horrid.
    If Boston had beat LA they would have beat, in order the top three teams in the regular season from 09-10 season. And they did the first two parts of the deal without home court.
    Lakers really struggled against an injury-riddled Jazz (sarcasm btw) and an over- achieving Suns team utilizing a gimmick D that befuddled the yellow and gold (the sad truth BTW). The Lakers biggest challenge was Boston last post season.

  • ShawnCVD

    Wow…just wow. Ainge has Boston lined up with a bunch of two year contracts including KG’s. So in 2012 the C’s will shed EVERY old guy (except PP who would move to the bench by then anyhow). Under contract will be Rondo, Truth, Avery Bradley, maybe Perk and like 30+ million for free agency.
    Love you claiming a core that was 6 minutes from the title four months ago is now “dragging them down”.

  • ShawnCVD

    Danny Ainge built this team. Not to “remain remotely relevent” but to win another title. If they do your analysis throughout this post is garbage. If they don’t your analysis is still garbage b/c the C’s are obviously going after number 18. Your baiting is transparent and pathetic.
    The lone desperate move this past Summer was a need fill in for the injured K Perkins.
    Do a tired team by team rankings if you wish. Should you come to this or any die hard team blog your going to wind up out of your element.