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Celtics vs Heat: Preview Video

As if all the discussion today (as well as the entire summer, training camp and preseason) didn't get you pumped up enough, this video made by NBA.com should.  It's subtle and a bit low key, but it certainly gets the point across.


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  • greenbeand

    vegas has them even and +/- 194.5 -110

  • ohh boy the Miami Hype against and old and desperate team trying to capture former glory

  • CAN YOU FEEL IT?!?!?! SO pumped!!!

  • Mileke

    How Are We Desperate If We Just Got Out The FINALS,? We Might Be Determined, Not Desperate… The HEAT Are The One Desperate Releasing Everyone On The 2009-2010 Roster To Sign LBJ snd CB, Thats Desperate, And Build A Whole New Team. Besides Wade, Haslem, And Chalmers, Everybody Is New, And Theres Only 2 People With Only 1 Ring On This Roster, And We’re Desperate??