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The Delonte/Wafer thing is getting blown WAY out of proportion


So earlier, there was some mention of Von Wafer and Delonte West going at it in practice and words being exchanged. 

No big deal… it was a passing mention of two guys battling.  Taking a look at the video (via CSNNE), yes… things got heated… but it's nothing that doesn't happen in a million practices a million times. 

But that didn't stop Von Wafer from refuting reports that he'd been torched.

Chris Forsberg in that article u made it sound like dwest was jus killing me no sir we was goin at it stat the facts sir thank u

To which Chris Forsberg responded, simply, by saying he reported what he saw.

This is the point where my eyes roll into the back of my head and someone has to keep me from swallowing my tongue. 

Here's the simple message to Von Wafer:  Shut up about things like this… especially in this town.  All you do is make idiots like me write about it… and then it gets worse.  Now a bunch of Celtics fans who had absolutely zero opinion about this when it first was mentioned a few hours ago… will now pick sides and make comments.

Sometimes, you just gotta let the little things go.  And maybe that's part of why you've gotten the reputation that you've got.  You sweat the little things.  

See, Von?  That's just me guessing… and I'm only guessing that because you just had to refute something minor.  And even if I'm wrong… it doesn't matter… because you made it a topic of discussion.

So this post is as much me telling our readers what's going on… as it is me telling you to chill the hell out over nothing.  It's major-market PR 101 with a concentration in "how to act in the new twitter/blog-osphere."  

If you still don't get it… I'm available for some consultant work.  My rates are very reasonable.

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  • totally, totally agree
    the response to the criticism is much more telling than the thing he was originally criticized for

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    “but it’s nothing that doesn’t happen in a million practices a million times.”
    End of story.

  • Tollbooth Willie

    Wafer showed NOTHING in the pre-season and I expect nothing from him in the regular season.
    He ought to figure out how to play D or O rather than how to respond to Twitterific. Loser until proven otherwise.

  • mileke

    Awww this is not all VON’s fault, How dare ya’ll try to blame VON for a story about him, that shouldna been released, it was very disrepectful on behalf of VON, i know because i felt sorry for him reading the story, then watching the video, they overexxagerated the shit.. he simply said what he had to say, and forsberg continued to be a smart ass about it saying stuff like “i reported what i saw” and he was “too busy with the Shaq story to get that story correct” and “i only seen the last 2 minutes of the scrimmage, and from what i saw thingss were heated” or some shit, the conflict in the practice wasnt even a big deal, but FORSBERG would update the story and so followed along many reporters to make this story bigger than it was, now i love FORSBERG and i love the STORIES he post, but some things that happens in practice we the fans do not need to know, cause it gets blown up… so of course if it gets out like D.West Punked VON (which he did) then VON have every right to say what he said, and he was not nearly as disrespectful to the reporters as the repoerters was to him, this whole little story shouldna never been posted anyway, what a wayy to mess up the chemistry that was goin on !

  • Delonte looks a bit more buffed than I remember seeing him

  • BamaCeltic

    should have kept Lasme …….but I hope im wrong ….Dwest was killin him though …man up Von

  • SEV

    did I miss another video… Dwest was killing him? I saw him score on wafer once and throw a couple passes to the post.

  • Oh snap-Proactiv has free Justin Bieber posters?

  • jj

    Damn, Delonte is killing him…
    Kind of feel bad for Von though, he said he wants to improve and he cant do that if his on the bence. I hope he at least starts with the 2nd unit in the 10 games of west-less instead of going with Rondo-Nate combo.

  • Gaffer

    I was pretty psyched when we signed Von Wafer. I remembered his time on the Rockets and thought we’d gotten a total steal. So far he’s been acting like a complete punk. The body language has been worrying, not even looking at Ray or Doc when they’re talking to him.
    I remember when we first signed Delonte and he was the first one at the gym and the last one to leave. Wafer should have been right next to him. Delonte wasn’t really considered to be on the bubble despite being non-guaranteed because he has 100x the fire Wafer does. Delonte is damn right, because that won’t change unless Wafer does something about it.
    Worse still, everything Wafer says seems to be an excuse, or just him talking about what he wants to do, how he wants to play. He’s complaining about how he can’t get better if he doesn’t get minutes. He could get better by busting his ass and talking about winning instead of playing.
    He showed some promise in the later preseason games, but I still think that if Lasme was 6’5″ Wafer would be in China. Hopefully he will get it together and make the best of the time that Delonte’s out, because Delonte has made it clear that spot is going to go to the man who wants it the most, and that’s been Delonte from day one.

  • Von Wafer is in position to even speak to Boston media let alone criticize how they report things. Forsberg is reputable and an intelligent writer. I took no offense to how he reported the incident. Wafer had his feelings/ego hurt? Come on man! You’re supposed to be a pro! Better get thick skin!

  • michael

    Come game 11, it’s Delote’s spot. Von is not going to take that away. If Von can push Delonte to be better, that’s good. If it causes Delonte to question himself, that’s bad. Since the latter is unlikely based on what we’ve seen so far this year, I have no problem with Von around – if for no other reason than to boost Delonte’s confidence!