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Final preparations…

KWAPT (@KWAPT) October 23, 2010 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Final preparations…

 With just over 72 hours before the 2010-11 campaign kicks off, Doc Rivers' squad went through a pretty grueling 48-hour period. From Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston:

After calling Friday's three-hour session a bit of a mess, Rivers emerged far more pleased with his team's effort while putting in a two-and-a-half-hour session Saturday. With that in mind, the Celtics will drop down a gear Sunday and practice only an hour as they prepare for Tuesday's blockbuster against the Heat. 

The story also talks about Doc letting some of the players play the role of coach, and Shaq's thoughts on Opening Night.

I think many fans, including myself, will be very happy when that 1st jump ball is finally thrown on Tuesday night. Many just for the fact that all the hype will finally be over. In my 30+ years of being a sports fan, I can't remember too many other sporting events that have garnered the attention that NBA Opening Night 2010 has. And of course every member of CelticNation was left with a bad taste in our mouths at the end of last June's Game 7. It's good to know the quest for Banner18 will once again be upon us shortly.

This is simply a great time to be a Celtics fan or a fan of any NBA team. There is a chill in the air, a spring in my step and a sense of anticipation that NBA basketball is back!

So to hold us over until Tuesday night, here's some video from Chris Forsberg's story on today's Celtics workout:


(video courtesy of Chris Forsberg's YouTube page)

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  • Watch Shaq bowl Baby over at :50 and then almost flatten him like a pancake too. Ouch.

  • greenbeand

    retribution’s a bitxh

  • The C`s r on borrowed time. It was luck that they went so far in the playoffs last year. With the moves they made signing Shaq and JO, it almost looks desperate.

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    jtshoopsblog get the f out here dude you make the same comments every time

  • Cletics:17 > Fakers:11

    jtshoopsblog get the f out here dude you make the same comments every time

  • For some real hilarious reading, one might actually venture over to JT’s HoopsBlog.
    “To start off, the Celts were lucky to face a team in the second round with the most predictable offense in the world. It centred around just one person. All the Celtics had to do was shut him down and the rest of the team followed suit. They even got extra help from their opponent`s coach, Mike Brown as his poor defensive matchups literally boosted the Celtics to the Eastern Conferebce Finals. He had Shaq go out and guard Kevin Garnett leaving Antawn Jamison to guard the bigger and stronger Kendrick Perkins down low. No one has to be an expert in basketball to see that was a recipe for disaster.”
    So, we were ‘lucky’ to face Cleveland and LeBron cuz it was just so darn easy to shut down an offense that cruised to the best record in the league. Geez, I’m sure glad we missed out on Milwakee. Oh, and JT… Antawn Jamison DID cover KG but was got abused while trying to front him by Rondo lofting the pass over his short little arms.
    For those who want a bigger laugh, they should read how lucky we were again to face Orlando (ok, so who else was there?) and we were i guess lucky to face the lakers and lucky to get to game 7 and lucky to be up by double digits late in the game and lucky that Ron Artest didn’t actually fracture Ray Allen’s leg and only left him with a deep thigh bruise. Reading trash like that will truly help one appreciate what a fine blog Red’s Army truly is.

  • U Cektic fans r so funny. U will defend your team no matter what even if the obvious is staring u right in the face.
    Granted, Antawn did guard KG too and got schooled. Shows u how lucky the C`s were as the Cavs had a dumb ass for a coach. I`m no expert at basketball, but I would“ ve have started Anderson Varejao and have him guard Garnett while leaving Jamison on the second unit.