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Your Morning Dump… Where Baby has finally found his way

Baby vs philly

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“I think Baby’s had a sensational camp – the best since he’s been here,” Rivers said. “I think he’s finally found his way. He’s going to be big for us.

“All he has to do is just play his game, and that’s what he’s been doing. And I’m happy for him.”

Coming from this coach in regard to this player, the above is akin to a love letter.

Then again, Rivers is not one to forget history. And we all recall how Davis’ great 2009 preseason ended with a fist and a friend and a broken thumb.

“Yeah,” said Rivers, “as long as he doesn’t get in a fight in the next four days, we’re good.”

Herald: With Baby, Celtics see changed man

Y'ouch… even when he's saying something nice about Baby, he's taking a shot at him.  Anyone else get the feeling that Baby rubs Doc the wrong way… just a little?  

Glen Davis has been great this preseason.  The only criticism I'd have is that he's been taking some jumpers that are a bit out of his range.  But other than that, and that's been really minor, Baby is getting his way to the basket, he's drawing a TON of fouls, and he's providing a nice scoring punch for the second unit.  

It'll be interesting to see how much of that continues now that teams aren't experimenting with different line ups… including the Celtics.  The C's trotted out units with Nate, Baby, Erden, Lasme and Wafer sometimes.  In that situation, of course Baby will be the scorer.  But what will Baby do when he's out there with Delonte, Nate, Jermaine O'Neal and Paul Pierce?

I'm sure he'll continue to play his game, but his production won't quite be the same.  And the only fear that goes along with that is that he's going to try to do too much to continue doing what he's been doing this preseason.  This is a contract year for him, after all.  And with the league talking about reducing player salaries, guys like Baby might just feel a little anxious about their next contract.  They're going to want raises… and they're going to want to prove that they deserve those raises now.  

So just something to watch for with these contract year guys.  Baby's played great this preseason, but if his production drops in the regular season, just watch to see if he presses at all to pump up his numbers.

On Page 2: The C's Big 3 has been a big love fest

Associated Press Photo

But through it all, Allen, Pierce and Garnett have stayed relatively consistent in their performance and, most notably, in their approach with each other.

“I can say that we haven’t had too many issues that we had to deal with between the three of us,” Allen said. “Everything’s been very amicable the whole time. At worst, we’ve been amicable. At best, we’ve been as close as any other teammates I’ve ever had.”

But there were some issues last season. Not huge ones, perhaps, but small ones that gathered themselves from the dust of history and time into tangible things that had to be addressed.

“We all change,” Doc Rivers said. “We’ve all changed a little bit. Their respect for each other has grown and their respect for their other teammates, with Rondo and Perk, has grown. There’s such a trust there now.”

WEEI:  The Secrets of their success

That's a great headline because the way this Big 3 has sacrificed for the greater good really IS the secret to the Celtics' success.

Can other teams with similarly large triumvirates also boast that level of unselfishness?  I remember distinctly one of these guys saying the Celtics couldn't have had this level of success and unselfishness in their younger days because they were concerned with other things.  

It will be interesting to see, for sure.  

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  • thetitleisours

    Guess they hope Luke or Tiny Gallon takes his place next year as he will get more than the C’s can afford

  • mileke

    i love the celtics, and im probally the most die hard fan there is, and if not most, rea close, point is, this chemistry on the team is no other, and very unheard of, cant wait for the season so they can officcially put this chemistry on the court, CELTICS NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS 2011 !

  • Val

    so are they keeping Lasme?

  • ShawnCVD

    If another team doesn’t snatch him the conventional wisdom is he’ll be offered a chance to play for the Red Claws.

  • Val

    Thanx for the answer. It´s just that I prefer Lasme to Wafer any day of the week. I know he fills the need on he perimeter but I´m sorry – he´ll suck. I love what Lasme has brought and in my opinion You could see the work..