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Jermaine, Delonte practice

The Celtics tweet:

Jermaine O'Neal was back on the practice court today with no restrictions. Sounds like he'll be a go for Opening Night


Delonte West also returned to prac but was limited to non-contact skeleton drills. He stayed late after a lengthy prac for extra shooting

Nice to see the C's are getting healthy.  Looks like the precautions they took in the preseason are paying off nicely right now.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Doc always jokes he’s not a real MD, but his comments about Jermaine seem to have spurred enough healing to get him back on the court.
    5 more days.

  • itsthatbradguy

    Delonte West needs to be on the banner!

  • JD

    Even though Delonte is suspended he is able to practice with the team?

  • Yes he is. He just can’t be at the games. He can even be at the Garden up to 2 hours before game time.


    Hey, Lee in Oregon…
    I just moved to Portland. Do you know of any sports bars in the city that regularly show the Celtic games that are televised nationally?

  • Bishop Nelson

    Well la de freaking dah, JO showed up and practiced. What’s the special occasion?
    (That guy’s body language flat-out sucks. He ought to be below Erden and Baby on the depth chart. But… we knew this when we signed him, right?)
    I tried to talk myself into liking that move, but he’s showed me nothing so far. We’re paying him twice as much as Shaq, right?

  • ShawnCVD

    About 5 times (!). IDK if he’s been THAT bad. When on the court he’s been lost on offense and solid with the D and boards. I wouldn’t grade him yet. Incomplete.
    I think KG will coax the best out of him and I’d be fine with 24 minutes in the trenches per night from him. Considering that what would be acceptable numbers? 8 and 8 while not very economical it would be enough of a contribution to a team this stacked…