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It’s all about 18..

KWAPT (@KWAPT) October 22, 2010 Uncategorized 10 Comments on It’s all about 18..

For the last couple of seasons, the Boston Celtics organization has had a catchphrase-something to get fan's attention. Last year, with the addition of 'Sheed and Marquis, it was "Reloaded". Well this year, the Celtics are going with "It's All About 18." And after last season's gut-wrenching loss in the Finals, we all know what is on this team's agenda this year-to hang Banner 18. Period. We as Celtic fans are a tough bunch, with high-expectations, and it's pretty clear to me anyway that anything less than Banner18 this year will be a letdown.

So with Opening Night now just 4 days away, the Celtics have released this great short video entitled "It's All About 18." Are you ready for another season CelticNation? Oh yeah baby, it's almost time….


(video courtesy of Boston Celtics website/YouTube page)

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  • greenbeand

    thank you wyc and co

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Banner 18 will arrive at Staples Center, in 2012. Get ready for it!

  • Joseph! He comes out of hiding…lol..Not if we have anything to say about it..

  • Luke Walton

    Hard not to be fired up now.
    Shaq, JO, and Delonte might actually make a diff

  • jared

    Celtics! Lets fucking Roll!!!

  • who da guy

    That video just lifted me up like u cannot believe! its about fire baby!

  • itsthatbradguy

    YES!!! Let’s get it!!!

  • Yessir. I am going on Tuesday and have not been this hyped for an Opening Night since raising 17.

  • mileke

    I absolutely Loved that commercial, they should play this commercial before the tip-off on opening night with all the lights out, with surround sound,and also play it before every home game!!! this shows motivation, and thank you so much KWPAT for posting this, i have never been so anticipated for a season opener and thanks to KWAPT the wait havent been that long for me, you make my wait Quick and Smooth, ONLY 3 more DAYS until TIPOFF !

  • the-green-monster

    i’m loving it. go celtics. this is going to be a special year.