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Celtics vs Nets Final Preseason Game Highlights

With the NBA-pocalypse coming up right around the corner, the Celtics completed their slate of eight preseason games with their second tilt against the New Jersey Nets.  The C's were lethargic for most of the game until the third quarter when they flipped the switch and literally ran the Nets out of the Garden.  Finishing the exhibition with a record of 7-1 is good, but the best result of the preseason: zero major injuries.

The biggest deterrent to this deep Celtics team is certainly how they can stave off injuries, and other than Jermaine O'Neal's daily random ailments, they all came out unscathed.  Delonte West had some issues with his back (or glutes) but serving a 10-game suspension to start the season will give him ample time to be fully ready by November 11th, when he's eligible to play against the Washington Wizards.

But first, let's review the last preseason game, where a jolting third quarter happened.

Q1: The first quarter begins with a goofy Paul Pierce doing zig-zags through the TD Garden concourse.  This team will be one for the ages to follow closely.  Other highlights include:

  • KG sharing his feelings about preseason ending
  • A quick montage of highlights from prior games
  • Rondo knocking down the elbow jumper to get the first points on the board
  • Rondo to KG for a mini-alley-oop
  • Two good defensive sets, including Pierce yelling "HELL NO, you got that Diesel…" as Johan Petro bricks a jumper
  • KG clapping his hands on defense, and Mike Gorman expressing his love for it
  • Shaq with a post spin move on Petro, avoiding the Kris Humphries double team
  • Pierce with a slick up-and-under lay-in
  • Rondo posting up Devin Harris and making a nice move… should have got two, but the refs missed the Petro goal tend
  • Rondo with a Larry Bird-esque offensive rebounding touch pass to KG, who lays it up for two and the foul
  • Big Baby working the offensive glass, then dancing up the court after an and 1
  • Antoher active defensive set, KG leading the way
  • Semih Erden with a nice block but watch what happens after a foul is called… Big Baby is STILL attacking defensively… beautiful


Q2: Celtics legend Dave Cowens joins Mike & Tommy in the booth and discusses the C's.  Great stuff as always from Big Red.  Other highlights include:

  • As Nate Robinson knocks down a jumper, Tommy Heinsohn tells his fishing story… Priceless stuff
  • As Big Baby takes a charge
  • Pierce with a nice fade-away jumper
  • New Jersey's Terrence Williams draws a foul, while Dave Cowens discusses the food in China and Tommy chimes in
  • Marquis Daniels with a nice move in the lane, as Cowens discusses the impact of the 3-point line in today's NBA
  • Nate getting in the passing lane, stealing the ball then gliding for two
  • Shaq barrelling to the hoop in transition
  • Pierce with a strong and 1
  • Shaq just ripping the ball away from Humphries for a put-back lay-in
  • Rondo blowing by everyone and finding Shaq for a two-handed slam
  • Rondo with the floater in the lane to end the half


Q3: The second half begins with a couple of smooth Kevin Garnett jumpers, one from the baseline another from the elbow.  Other highlights include:

  • Excellent team defense leading to a Pierce transition jam
  • Beautiful give-and-go starring KG and Pierce
  • KG getting down on one knee, preparing to play D full court
  • Travis Outlaw elbowing Ray Allen
  • Pierce with a touch-pass-kick-out to Ray who is trailing on the fast break, and drills a three
  • KG drilling a long jumper, almost a three
  • Shaq coming out on D and helping Ray with a beautiful trap on Anthony Morrow, creating the turnover
  • Rondo starting the defense with full court pressure, eventually leading to a NJ turnover
  • Ray off the glass for two
  • Terrence Williams experiencing more full court pressure by Rondo, then getting rejected by KG
  • Rondo driving to the hoop for the slam
  • Two beautiful outlets leading to easy baskets by Pierce and Rondo
  • Flo Allen cheering on her boy Ray as he drills a three
  • Marquis cutting to the hoop for two
  • Rondo to Big Baby for the jumper… twice


Q4: The final quarter begins with a nice jump hook by Erden.  Other highlights include:

  • Semih using the left-hand in the post
  • Von Wafer knocking down the baseline three
  • Nate with a nice mid-range pull up jumper
  • Nate with the help-steal, then drilling a three in transition
  • Tommy on Twitter?!?!?
  • KG, Shaq and Rondo messing around on the bench
  • Semih with a nice block
  • Wafer raining another three
  • Wafer gliding to the basket for a lay-up


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  • Fiorelladad

    Man I have to thank you for posting these syntesis of the games. I couldn’t see one pre season game and these excerpts are WAY better than watching the recap on NBA TV. Keep it up. Much obliged, man.

  • You’re quite welcome… As long as there is a demand for them, I will continue to post them as time allows.

  • GoWyo

    The defense in the 3rd quarter was amazing. A thing of beauty. I hope they play like that for 4 quarters in every game throughout the regular season

  • Brian

    Thank you for all the pre-season highlights guys. Now, it’s time to git-it-on! Redsarmy.com rocks!

  • IanD

    Please keep Posting them, if you have the time it will be a huge addition for the season. Thanks!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    And in the playoffs.. and in the Finals.. 😉

  • You’re welcome, I’m glad to see that the readers enjoy the clips. Like I’ve said, as long as there is a demand and with time willing, I will continue to post them.
    One question I have for the readers though: I also have several live shots from the home games. Would you want to see a compilation of those as well, or just a handful of the best ones?