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Your Morning Dump… Where we witness the best of Shaq

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

For all the struggles he may have, it doesn't take much for him to completely change the game up and go back to the pre-Kazaam Shaq that was an unstoppable force.

We saw that for a brief stretch in the second quarter.

He scored in a variety of ways, including one possession in which he took the defensive rebound out of Humphries' hands and put it in for a lay-up.

O'Neal also rebounded, finishing with a game-high nine rebounds – one short of his first double-double with the Celtics.

He also made a number of great passes, including a long outlet pass to Rajon Rondo in the third quarter for an uncontested lay-up that gave the C's a 75-67 lead – their largest lead of the game at that point.


Shaq's line – 12 points, 9 rebounds in 24 minutes. Perfect (I'll conveniently overlook the 4 TOs).

If you expect anything more, then you're either a hater with an agenda or clueless.

With Jermaine O'Neal still fighting off minor injuries, look for Shaq to start the season as a starter. Not that he cares:

“I don’t care,’’ O’Neal said. I’m 38. Been there, done that. It’s only four or five people in the history of the game that’s done more than me, so I’m not really concerned about [starting]. It’s about getting banner No. 18, so whatever Doc and the Celtics need me to do, that’s what I’m here to do.’’

On Page 2, Von Wafer wins the final roster spot.

Wafer, who came on strong toward the end of the preseason, still must prove he's bought into the defensive-minded culture of the Celtics organization.

"Hopefully I showed them that I can get better, willingly, to play defense," said Wafer. "I got a lot better defensively so far, and hopefully I can continue to play. But like I said, making the team is not enough, man. I've been playing in the NBA for five years, sitting on the bench for four years. You can't get better sitting on the bench. I want to play."

Delonte West's suspension could free some time for Wafer, but Boston navigated much of the first three quarters without Wafer (or Delonte) during Wednesday's final tuneup. Wafer's veteran-minimum contract is only partially guaranteed, making him a low-cost cut if the team ultimately decides to go in a different direction.

ESPN Boston

Wafer may have been outplayed by Stephane Lasme, but the Celtics need his skill set (shooting) much more than they need Lasme's (defense, athleticism). 75% of Reds Army readers thought Lasme 'deserved' the final roster spot, compared to 21% for Water.

Tiny Gallon is technically still on the roster, but he'll likely be nothing more than a body in practice before taking the train up to Maine.

As for Lasme, he's not a lock for the Red Claws. There's always the chance another team will snag him.

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  • Better update the banner i don’t even see d.west up there. Also I’m getting ready for tuesday and “The Tradition” which has taken place ever year since 1997 (except for 2005, dam Iraq) Does anyone know if Celtic Pride is on Blu ray yet? I can not wait for tuesday!!!!!!basketball, beer, bar food, betting, and babes with nice butts and boobs!!!!!!! Go Celtics!!!!!

  • thetitleisours

    I hope Lasme sticks with us. You never know what can happen during the season, even another Wafer meltdown

  • Alex

    Why is it even close? Shouldn’t Lasme get the last roster spot? I thought defense was more important than offense and Lasme even does a great job going into the paint for easy buckets.
    Seriously, it makes no sense and if I was Doc, the choice to make would be VERY easy.
    I can definitely see Wafer causing drama once Delonte is back. Get him outta town.

  • cmoney

    ugh.. Von Wafer sucks and his skills are superfluous once D-West is back.

  • Lee in Oregon

    As much as I love what Lasme has done, Von has done well recently, and does have a guaranteed deal. Barring injury, neither guy will see much action. Very tough call for Doc & DA. Lasme only got the last 3 minutes of garbage last night, possibly indicating they’re “wafering” towards Von.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Just read on, VON got the spot.

  • ShawnCVD

    Lasme made sense only if he could be third string SF. Conserving Ray Ray and Pierce is important so the deficiency going into this is a second back up for Paul.
    Wafer should feel lucky around Delonte’s suspension. First the organization not want to start the first 10 games with only Nate (Rondo’s back up) or Daniels (PP back up) to fill in for Jesus. And second Wafer now has opportunity to play at the start. He does has opportunity to quiet a lot of critics – including me. If Von shits the bed these first 10 games than Lasme clearly was the best choice…

  • thetitleisours

    One thing Wafer brings is a surprise element. If the team is struggling and he can come in a score in bunches that can lift a team up. Even if he helps to just win one playoff game that way it will have been worth it.
    But will he be able to contain the “Bad Wafer” that has caused past troubles. Let’s just hope this Wafer stays fresh and the expiration date is after the season before it gets stale

  • Robby C

    I think we play Von Wafer and hope he does decent these first 10 games and see if we can trade him for a draft pick once West is back and call up Lasme, provided we can stick Lasme in Maine

  • BRADinLA

    Well said my man, well said.

  • thetitleisours

    Watch out for the “Wafer thin Mint” 😉