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Watch out Sudbury… Shaq’s gettin strapped

Shaq-cop Shaquille O'Neal is really making himself at home in Boston.  He's out and about… he's bought a big mansion… and he's locking and loading

NBA superstar and Boston Celtic Shaquille O'Neal stopped by the Sudbury Police Department recently to apply for a firearms permit, the website The Patch reported.

The Celtics star has a long history serving roles with law enforcement in Arizona, Virginia and Florida.

While playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, O’Neal applied to be a special deputy with the Cuyahoga County sheriff's office.

Hey… Shaq can't go play cops and robbers without his Glock 9 mm in tow.  

Actually… it's nice to hear that a sports star is going through the proper channels to carry a firearm.  No "oops, that's… ummm… my girlfriend's gun in that pillowcase on the team plane."  

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  • Jason

    The most intimidating police officer ever? Seriously, have you ever a guy Shaq’s size in person? Now imagine he’s carrying and has the law behind him. “Um, yes sir. Whatever you say sir.” *shudder*

  • Jay

    Good for you Shaq.
    Too bad many Mass idiots don’t exercise their 2A rights
    we call them sheepeople, they wait and want others to protect them.

  • Danno

    So now people who don’t carry guns are idiots? You didn’t really just use the word Sheeple. Did you get that gem from a dumb right wing email forward with a fake story where someone brave stood up to a dangerous muslim/illegal immigrant, and at the end of it, everyone in line applauded? LOL.
    What is this, the Hannity boards? Since when do
    Good Lord. You’ve gotta be kidding me.
    I’ve live in Mass my whole life. Grew up in Dorchester. Lived there for 28 years before moving. I’ve never, ever, not once had any occasion in my life where having a gun was either necessary or helpful.
    methinks the lady doth protest too much.
    Jay, you’re a fucking moron.

  • Oh my Christ… let’s not have a gun debate on this site. Save that for political boards.
    Hoops only or we shut down the comments on the post.

  • jared

    What does shaq carry? A friggin 357 magnum? How does he fit his finger into the trigger dealie? Id wager he looks fairly ridiculous holding a gun, like its a baby toy in his huge man-paws.
    That is, of course, until he shoots your ass.

  • LazyGuy

    Danno, you’re the one sounding like a “fucking moron”, seeing you said you came from Dorchester, you must be a dependent on the system. No backbone douchebag.
    I wonder why you needed to move , and what does Dorchester have to do with this story ?

  • jared

    Hey Reds Army, when you said drop the politics, were you only referring to those who dont subscribe to hard right wingery?

  • Danno

    Apparently, yes. I must be suckling from the Government teat here in my house in Hingham.
    Why did I move? Because I could. There’s not much beachfront property in Dot.

  • Danno

    Nice. So now, “dependent on the system” people only come from Dorchester? I guess we’re adding a little veiled racism to an already retarded line of comments….
    I thought this was an NBA blog, not a Tea Party protest gathering.