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Doc under orders to shut the hell up (for now)


Doc Rivers underwent minor throat surgery Sunday to relieve stress on his vocal cords. It was a planned procedure and he should be back soon.

Assistant coach Lawrence Frank ran practice today.

Those reportedly unhappy with the fact Doc will have revitalized vocal cords include; all of his players, Eddie Rush, Joe Crawford, Bennett Salvatore and Dick Bavetta.

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  • jared

    Doesnt really surprise me. A quarter or two into every game the mans voice sounds like a busted lawnmower.

  • phenor

    Doc this is what you get for all your non stop bitching and crying.

  • greenbeand

    tommy should step in

  • Orb

    Good God, an autoplay ad for friggen LYSOL? I couldn’t tell where the hell it was coming from. You guys deserve to make some ad money, but really, is this the audience for bathroom cleaning products? I’m thinking the “clean bathroom” and “hardcore NBA fan” Venn diagram doesn’t have a lot of overlap. Maybe on, but not here. I had to stare at Marisa Miller’s thumbnail pic for two minutes just to get my sperm count back up.