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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is ready

RedsArmyAdmin October 17, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Your Morning Dump… Where KG is ready

Do that again sign

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Seeing Garnett put up the kind of numbers he has for so many years, was a welcomed sight for Pierce.

"He looks fantastic," Pierce said. "He looks like the old KG out there."

It wasn't so much that Garnett was scoring, but how his points were coming.

There was the elbow jumper.

There were points with his back to the basket.

And then there was ability to finish in transition, something we saw little of last season due to Garnett still working his way back from knee surgery.

"It's coming the last three games," Rivers told "I'm really happy with Kevin. He's ready."

CSNNE: Garnett leads Celtics past Knicks

I cannot overstate enough how great KG looked last night.  You'll see when we post the highlights later today…  but KG was playing very similarly to when he first joined the C's.  He was moving extremely well, making some great moves in the post, and playing great D.  

I don't want to get TOO excited… but it's hard not to.  If we have THIS KG all year long, then forget it.  He's practically un-guardable.  

I know… I know… the irrational exuberance is at critical mass.  I just can't stop.  So I'll just move on.

On Page 2… Avery Bradley's ankle hurts again

Image vis DTYBYWL

Avery bradley "I don't know if you looked (Friday) night, we put him in and within two minutes you could see (the ankle was bothering him)," Rivers said. "So that obviously hasn't gone the way we would like, and I'm more upset for him because this is not the way you want to break in the NBA where you're frustrated, you can't play. You know we have to probably try something else because what we're doing is clearly not working."

Globe:  Bradley still bothered by ankle

I echo Doc… I feel bad for him because in his limited time, you saw flashes of his potential.  He, at the very least, could hound the hell out of a ball handler and still stay in front of him. 

But I'm also concerned.  This was supposed to be a six week recovery.  It's a little past that now.  This should have healed. 

I blame Chuck, who on June 25th said:

Bradley sprained his ankle during a pro workout on June 13. He will have surgery and miss about six weeks. If he truly is a TA clone, he won't be ready until October.

Send all your angry emails to  Be sure to put "Chuck is a jinx" in the subject line so we can separate it from all our other hate mail and free offers for Extenze.

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