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Celtics vs Knicks Preseason Game 7 Highlights

The Celtics returned to Ray Allen's college stomping grounds, but it was Kevin Garnett who stole his thunder.  KG was looking like the KG circa 2004 with his all-around play on both ends of the floor.  The Knicks controlled this game until the third quarter when the starters turned on the defensive pressure and offensive attack, leading to another solid win in the exhibition season.

Q1: The first quarter begins with Shaq using strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo as a human bar bell.  Ray Allen also discusses what it was like to play in Hartford, CT.  Other highlights include:

  • UConn highlights of Ray
  • Shaq stealing the tip
  • Off a missed Ray Allen three, Rondo makes a Larry Bird-esque touch pass to KG for the slam
  • Shaq doing work in the post
  • KG scoring in all sorts of ways… just watch
  • KG dishing to Shaq for the jam
  • Paul Pierce driving to the basket
  • Nate knocking down a three
  • Rondo and Big Baby attacking the offensive glass on the same possession, leading to a Davis lay-in
  • Pierce with a transitional pull-up jumper
  • Semih Erden working in the post


Q2: The second quarter begins with a nice mid-range pull up by Nate.  Other highlights include:

  • Stephane Lasme doing the dirty work and taking a charge from an angry Ronny Turiaf
  • Lasme with more work on the offensive glass
  • A very RARE glimpse of Rondo joking around on the bench with Ray… Pierce and JO don't look as amused
  • Big Baby scoring and grabbing boards in a variety of ways
  • Nate attacking the rim with no fear
  • A mini-montage of some highlights of when the Celtics played at the Hartford Civic Center
  • Luke Harangody attacking the offensive glass
  • Harangody with a slick move in the post


Q3: The second half begins with a quick recap of Shaq highlights, the best one being the foul he gives to Toney Douglas.  Brick wall is the best way to describe it.  Other highlights include:

  • Shaq passing to KG who is cutting under the hoop, and puts in a reverse lay-up
  • KG with a violent block on Anthony Randolph
  • Pierce with a classic spin-move in transition for a lay-up, but just after Rondo takes an elbow from Randolph, resulting in the cut cheek
  • Shaq with an effortless block on Raymond Felton
  • Pierce getting rung up for a technical
  • KG and Shaq crashing the offensive glass
  • A beautiful 24 seconds of defense by the starters
  • Rondo, Pierce, KG and Ray all doing their thing on offense in so many ways
  • KG blocks Randolph, then runs up the floor getting rewarded by Rondo for the nice left-handed lay-in
  • KG clapping on defense, then rejecting Wilson Chandler who tries unsuccessfully to drive past him
  • Pierce with a nice look for a cutting Big Baby
  • Rondo being a ninja with his passing skills


Q4: The final quarter begins with some more of Rondo's rebounding skills.  Other highlights include:

  • Von Wafer spotting up for a corner three
  • A nice block by Erden
  • Mario West with a steal, leading to a Nate transition lay-up
  • Semih with an impressive pass to Lasme who is underneath the basket
  • More of Nate's fearless attacks
  • KG looking like a bank robber from the wild west with a towel around his face on the bench
  • Another Wafer bomb from three-point land
  • Harangody with an aggressive rebound


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  • Brian

    Man that 2nd unit is really looking good. J. O’Neil needs to start going up with authority. In my opinion, Lakers won the battle of the paint in the finals. I believe championshis are won in the paint. JO better start coming with it.

  • jared

    Im still really impressed by what Ive seen so far from Semih and to a little bit lesser extent Luke. I think its clear that Semih is a guy with good fundamentals, willingness to bang, and good hands. Luke reminds me a lot of Davis, in that they are both assertive offensively and use their size instead of height to their advantage. So far so good on what looks like another excellent second round haul by the GM.