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Yes, I’m harping on the technical stuff


I know we might be getting to a point where people are sick of hearing about the techs.  But quite honestly, I'm sick of them being called.  And I'd love to leave it alone… but it looks like this issue is about to become a sticking point between the union and the league.

NBA players complaining about new rules designed to stop complaining won't result in league executives rethinking the crackdown, a person with knowledge of the situation told Friday.

"I don't think it will have any effect," said the person, who has knowledge of the NBA's strategy but wasn't authorized to discuss it.

So after a flurry of technical fouls and a stridently worded threat of legal action from the National Basketball Players Association, it appears that the NBA and its players' union are headed for a showdown only months before the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire.

Of all the things for the union and league to get into a staredown over… this is probably the least important.  There are financial issues… issues that could shut down the entire league… but both sides are about to start an all-out war over a rule so asinine, Glen Davis got teched for an arm motion.  And when Doc went over to talk to the ref, the ref just said "not now", spun, and walked away. 

This is about to turn into a messy divorce where the couple is fighting over a microwave or something.  The league has instituted a stupid rule… and the union had an equally stupid response.  Both took insanely hard-line stances over this issue and now neither is budging. 

In the middle is us… the fans.  And we're all going to be stuck with hair-trigger whistles that will completely change the complexion, and the fun, of games.  I can only hope that the first 2 weeks of the season is marred with more superstar ejections.  I want Kobe, LeBron and Dwight Howard to have 7 or 8 techs in 10 games. 

Because if these two sides… the union and the league… are willing to burn their house down over stupid stuff… we might as well root for it so they can sit there slack-jawed and regretful while its happening.

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  • paul

    and i thought refs in hockey were bad,my mistake.officials in all sports are deciding the outcome of the games, it’s too bad, sports use to be fun to watch

  • Lily S.

    What Glen Davis did with his arms was a natural, human reaction! To T a guy up for slightly moving his arms, shrugging his shoulders or raising his eyebrows is an egregious misapplication of officiating. I am glad the union is filing a lawsuit against this. I hope the media continues to speak out against these asinine rules, too. And I hope fans complain loudly. At the end of the day, it seems the league doesn’t want human players at all, but robots!
    I’ve already emailed my thoughts on the matter to the NBA. Everyone should, too!