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Uh… Shaq? I’m pretty sure those aren’t the words


I'm not even going to bother looking them up… but I'm sure the words "we stand on God for thee" is not anywhere in "O Canada."

Unless, of course, a Canadian's devotion to country is so strong that one would, in fact, trample a deity for it.  If that's the case… then I stand corrected.


So noted Canadian… and really one of the premier young NBA writers out there… Holly MacKenzie says I'm wrong here.  I hear Shaq saying "God."  She says he's saying "guard", which is the correct word.  As evidence, she submits this: 


I still say he screwed up the lyric and said God.  Holly says I just haven't caught on to Shaq's mumble.  Either way… Shaq's a goof.  I think we can all agree on that.

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  • TJames

    Actually, its Oh Canada, we stand on Gaurd for Thee.

  • TJames


  • TJames

    And apparently I’m not the first one to say that and should probably read the whole article before commenting!