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Your Morning Dump… Where the NBA’s new technical foul policy is stupid

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And it was with what O’Neal would call his “soft bedroom voice” that he approached referee Zach Zarba for an explanation about the personal foul he had received trying to haul in a rebound over Knicks rookie Timofey Mozgov

Zarba instructed O’Neal to walk away. The veteran of 14 NBA seasons said he then simply asked whether he could have a conversation about the call and received a technical foul for his troubles, setting off fireworks that resulted in Kevin Garnett‘s getting tagged with a pair of technicals by second-year referee Kane Fitzgerald farther down the court, earning KG an automatic ejection with 4:39 to play in the first half.

“I asked, ‘I can’t talk right now?'” O’Neal said, mimicking his gentle tone and demeanor. “Just like that, the soft bedroom voice …

“But he gave me a tech. That’s too fast. That’s way too fast. That’s telling guys that they can’t ask refs what they did. You’re basically taking emotions out of the game.”

ESPN Boston

The NBA can’t take this new approach into the regular season, can it? The plan must be to have referees strictly enforce the new technical foul policy in the preseason to scare the players straight, but then ease up a bit in the regular season.

Paul Pierce hit a game winner to beat the Knicks in MSG last night and what are we talking about this morning? The officiating.

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski rips David Stern and the new policy:

The fans wanted this, the NBA emperor tells everyone. David Stern tosses out some vague claim of market research to demand of his players what the commissioner has never demanded of himself: a control of his temper, the grace to react instantly to the incompetence of his officials with a robotic restraint.

Yes, referees should give techs to players who overreact. But now you get a technical for reacting. That’s an immense difference, and there’s no majority of NBA fans anywhere who ever demanded these changes from the league. This way, the league never has to address the putrid nature of its officiating. If players aren’t reacting to bad calls, they must not have been bad calls.

For a less verbose criticism, we turn to Tommy Heinsohn:

“This is stupid! Believe me this is gonna happen during the regular season.. NBA… it’s stupid!!

On Page 2, Delonte West’s back injury isn’t getting better.

Delonte West, 27, was sent back to Boston to have additional tests for his back, which has been giving him problems throughout training camp.

In addition to Wednesday night’s game, West isn’t expected to play at Toronto on Friday. And coach Doc Rivers said West is questionable for Saturday’s game in Hartford, Conn. against the New York Knicks.

His absence may not seem like that big a deal, especially when you consider he’s suspended for the first 10 games of the season.


Delonte has a bad back. He had issues during his first stint in Boston. We just gotta hope it doesn’t evolve into anything more than spasms.

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  • Woj nailed it.. the calls are bad, period. Fix the problem instead of papering over it! Watching KG get booted was so tough last night. Stern, it’s the preseason. Folks are going to these games, often in places like Hartford and Manch, that don’t normally get to see their stars. And he gets tossed 20 mins into the game. This is what the fans want?
    The fans don’t want to see the faces that beg and plead like 2 yr olds; ‘Sheed, Bryant, LBJ, Sideshow Bob…
    They frankly make grown men look like little bitches when they whine. Pumping a fist, talking to a ref, that’s part of the game.
    So I have be a bit humble, I originally argued against bringing Delonte back and now he’s proving me very wrong.. much to my pleasure! The back is a slippery slope, take care of it dude.


    Last season with the fouls and tech was almost unbearable, now its basically unwatchable.
    Id like to see blood before there was a foul called.
    let em play makes for better basketball, establishes a tempo.
    shortens game times. blah blah

  • Shut up and play ball there is way to much crying in bb.

  • thetitleisours

    Would the condition of West give Von Wafer the job by default?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    This is a comment I left in the HangTime blog by Joel Schumann (my name is Roberto..)
    “I think this is pure crazyness.
    4 T’s in 16 secs, and I haven’t seen a fight, I haven’t seen players fussing and I haven’t seen players arguing either.
    What is this all about? It’s turning into a circus, or maybe It’s just a better way for the puppeteers to “control” the game, period.
    It’s a shame and you should have written above in this article; or you guys commenting on are just working for your boss and slowly trying to convince fans that it’s ok with these new rules?

  • Everyone should definitely read that whole article by WoJ.
    Scathing comment by a player:
    In an email, one veteran Eastern Conference player told me, “What’s going to happen next is that people are going to keep going with this [bleep] about how we don’t care, or don’t play hard … because we’re running around like a bunch of robots. We can’t win with this thing.”
    So, so, true. This is going to do far more damage to the image of the game than good.

  • Jason

    Whining, complaining, lobbying. These are not what I want to watch. Playing. That is their jobs. That is what I tune in for. I hope the refs keep ejecting everyone until they all get the point and change their behavior. (I doubt this will happen because the league has no backbone, no follow through on such matters.) Crack some eggs to make an omelet. In the end, the game will be better for not having everyone, especially the stars whining after every single freaking call or no-call. I hate seeing Pierce not get calls, but I also hate seeing him bitch each time. I am NOOOOOO fan of NBA refs, but let this BS fall by the wayside so they can concentrate on actual officiating.

  • I don’t think anyone (well, most people) disagree with you. But there’s a definite distinction between “reacting” and “over-reacting”.
    The NBA is treading a dangerous path right now, and this is surely going to blow-up in their faces — unless this is truly just a pre-season show of “force” that will calm once the season starts.
    We can only hope…

  • shut_it_up

    This isn’t about player whining; even if the refs back off during the regular season, come playoff time there is now a mechanism in place to affect the outcome of games. Emotions naturally run higher during the playoffs; if Perk hadn’t been wrongly called for that technical against Orlando, and subsequently ejected, the series would have ended sooner, Celtics would have gotten more rest and then who knows? Was it in the NBA’s interest to extend the series? Yes it was. Was that a fair call? No it wasn’t.
    I do believe in cracking down on overly dramatic gesturing (Varejao, Kobe, LeBron), but cocking an eyebrow? walking towards? Walking away? Showing any sort of reaction other than “Thank you, Ref; would you like a glass of water”? Lifeless basketball.

  • damn that’s a good point

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Good maybe all the b*tch crying from the Suckdics will end (can Perkins and Pierce b*tch at anymore f*cking calls when they are in fact fouls). But then again, all you dumb conspirasists will think this change is targeted at only Boston, to keep Boston down. HAHAHA. So pathetic.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Maybe you genius belong to the market sample the other nba genius executives used to take this poor decision.

  • Nota

    When are they going to issue techs to whiny ass trolling fans

  • tim

    the nba doesnt need to have to fix its referring by changing the technical foul call they just need to change thyere reffing style all togther. Anyone who actually is a big fan of basketbnall and watches the ga,me and pays attention to the game at high school college nba and world basketball can tell that the nba refeeres are by the worst that ive ever seen. In more than enough occasions nba refs have just all togther sucked and not just for celtic games but any teams games.What is supposed to be the best basketball league in the world has by far the most questioned reffereed league as well as politcally scandlaous. IT IS REALLY disspaointing to me to see how the nba in way too many times occasions that ive seen refs let certain players change their call or chnage how a game is refereed and it disgust me as a fan of basketball. THe league mnanager aka david stern needs to stop treating the nba as a little girl league worrying about people arguing to the refs bc bad calls are mad( aka p$$$$ league) INSTEAD THE NBA SHOULD INVEST IN VAST RESOURCES TO MAKE AN OVERALL IMPROVEMENT TO HOW GAMES ARE REFFEREED SO THEYRE SHOULD BE LITTLE TO NO DOUBT WITH HOW REFFEREES HAVE CALLED THE GAME., dont get me worng overall i love the nba i jsut hate how refs can control the game so much and just how bad thye have reffed in the past 5 years