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Pierce’s shot was nice… but Rondo’s block sealed it


Paul Pierce hit the clutch shot last night… which is awesome. 

But if there's any doubt that defense is what REALLY wins games… let this clip put it to rest. 

Lost in the hoopla of techs and Pierce's clutch shot was the fact that there was time still left on the clock.  And the Knicks' entire offense is practically predicated on shooting about 8 seconds into the shot clock.  So when the Knickerbockers had the ball out of bounds and time to run a set.. the Celtics win was anything but guaranteed. 

Enter Rajon Rondo, who sidestepped Ronny Turiaf's pick just enough to let his speed get him to Andy Rautins… and then use his jumping ability and wingspan to get a hand on the 3 and seal the win.

Yeah, it's only preseason, but this is yet another lesson that the wins happen on the defensive end.

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  • ok, but let’s not mention how the knicks stupidly jacked up the 3 at the first hint of an opportunity to do so with plenty of time on the clock.

  • Thanks for giving Rajon credit. Overlooked probably in most people’s eyes. One of the best defenders in the league, for sure.